I haven't seen any threads here on specific sub-wings, and I don't know if this thread will go anywhere. But here we go.

"Uncovering an insight that is counter to mainstream thinking makes me feel powerful."

Since I identified my enneagram sub-wing type as 6w5 I have observed myself at times acting or thinking like the 6w5 type. It's not a common occurrence, but it serves to inform me that the enneagram is a valid typology. I think it bears a resemblance to my Si-tertiary type.

For newbies to this system, the sub-wing is identified in the standard nomenclature as, in my case, 5w4(sw6w5). The other sub-wing for the 5w4 is the 4w3.

The 6w5 in generally is the less socially-oriented 6 sub-type (compared to the 6w7 by itself). These types join groups consisting of those who have like-minded belief systems. I've wanted to join such groups in the past, but felt conflicted by the 5w4 tendency to avoid groups of people. In a counter-phobic attempt to combat the avoidance I have joined small groups, but at times ended up with feelings of paranoia and an irrational fear of becoming overwhelmed by circumstances. I'm talking about things that happened 25 years ago.

The walls were closing in. I felt trapped and a bit panicky. I had to get out of there.

I've never felt that way before or since. But it was not unlike the feeling you might get when in a prison cell (I wasn't in a prison cell) with a serial killer or serial rapist who keeps looking at you with a certain kind of "want" that makes you fear for your safety, such as "I want so badly just to kill you." The problem is, there wasn't a single person there who matched those characteristics or even had such feelings toward me (I'm sure). The "threat" had certain sources, but there was no proof of any of it. It was all in my head (I'm sure).

My sub-wing can plummet to the depths (once or twice), but it can also reach certain heights. I had certain feelings and desires post-9/11 for a couple weeks that I identify as coming from my sub-wing. I was paranoid of airplanes, but I also had higher desires to join the fight against terrorism. If I had been young enough I'm certain I would have.

My sub-wing is also a very subliminal type. It may or may not come through to consciousness. But I am more aware of it now than ever.