Hello everyone.
I'am new here. I would like to know my type, i already took different tests and questionnaires and am kinda aware of which types i might be. So i will not tell yet and see if you guess the same types which would indicate that i'am right

So before i start i would like to tell that i'am almost certain to be an INTJ, also i was officially diagnosticed with Asperger's. However i hope this will not create confusion as i'am not the typical geek who hates sport. Actually i think i have a very unique personality that is hard to get, hence why i'am trying on here with you!

So i'am obviously an introvert even though i tried alot to have friends, i also always felt overwhelmed by social interactions. Hence looking for having few friends who share the same interests as me. I always was torn between my interest for people and my need to be alone leading me to live in a world of fantasy as a kid. I always had this feeling that the world was split in 2 parts, nice people that have the kindness, intelligence(for me kind and intelligent come together, you cannot be really intelligent and bad ) and patience to understand me and be part of "my" team and the rest of the world that just don't get it.

I have an original personality and it is very important for me that no one controle who i'am and my views on the world. Both being original and free to think are important for me. For exemple when i was a teen i was frustrated because my parent didn't let me have a mowhawk and other weird hair cuts, but the reason i wanted those was not to be cool or hype, but to show my uniqueness and how i felt different. Also i always rejected and questionned every belief system and prefere to create my own. I'am very interested in occult and esoteric systems to see how they work, how they relate, how they can be debunked and how they can relate somehow to the scientific method (for exemple chemistry having its roots in Alchemy). This because i want to understand the world and hopefully create a more elaborate system to help imporve the world in a better way. Also i have alot of insight and can understand things in a distorted, original way that end up not being wrong but rather different that mainstream interpretations.

I always loved to do what is right and as a kid even though always on my own, i could go out of my way and fight in order to defend a kid that was bullied by others even if i didn't know him because it was the right thing to do. I always loved heroes like Batman that protect the innocent and fight corruption. It is more an instinct thing than an emotional one, things should be done right, so there is order. However i will not put myself in too much danger and will prefere to work on my safe place to improve things, i can take some risks yet but nothing that will put me in dangerous situations. I can take risks as long as the harm caused to me can be reversible.

Even though i know i have alot weakness i always believed in myself and know that i could become as great as i like, if i had the time to study and prepare myself. Also i have high confidence on my mental integrity and would not be afraid to loose my mind.

Here some traits, there are other but if the post is too long, i know no one will read it