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    Default Is it possible to have extremely weak, to the point of almost nonexistent, wings?

    I'm new to the enneagram and I've done some research on the types, and I think type 6 fits me the best, but I find very little that I relate to in types 5 and 7. Is it possible I just have extremely weak wings or must I not be a 6?

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    Some people have balanced wings or are essentially wingless. Not very common, but happens.
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    I don't relate to 5 or 7 at all--as core types or fixes. However, when reading about the interplay of 5 and 7 as wings to 6, I can see how I'd have one of them as a wing. I've seen people who type as double wings and I've seen people who never specify their wings but I'm not sure how much either of those are widely accepted, or if it matters if they are or not at all.
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