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  • 125 - Mentor

    3 2.05%
  • 126 - Supporter

    1 0.68%
  • 127 - Teacher

    3 2.05%
  • 135 - Technical expert

    3 2.05%
  • 136 - Taskmaster

    6 4.11%
  • 137 - System builder

    1 0.68%
  • 145 - Researcher

    5 3.42%
  • 146 - Philosopher

    7 4.79%
  • 147 - Visionary

    6 4.11%
  • 258 - Strategist

    1 0.68%
  • 259 - Problem solver

    8 5.48%
  • 268 - Rescuer

    2 1.37%
  • 269 - Good samaritan

    2 1.37%
  • 278 - The free spirit

    3 2.05%
  • 279 - Peacemaker

    3 2.05%
  • 358 - Solution master

    5 3.42%
  • 359 - Thinker

    7 4.79%
  • 368 - Justice fighter

    2 1.37%
  • 369 - Mediator

    2 1.37%
  • 378 - Mover/shaker

    4 2.74%
  • 379 - Ambassador

    3 2.05%
  • 458 - Scholar

    16 10.96%
  • 459 - Contempative

    13 8.90%
  • 468 - Truth teller

    4 2.74%
  • 469 - Seeker

    14 9.59%
  • 478 - Messenger

    7 4.79%
  • 479 - Gentle spirit

    9 6.16%
  • I don't know my type

    6 4.11%
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    471 Visionary

    Internal tension from having both 7 and 1 in the tritype. Sometimes bold, playful and uninhibited, and other times reserved and self conscious. Optimistic for 4 and thinks the future can and certainly should be better than it is and that there's a way to get there. Can be frustrated with present circumstances.

    The most idealistic of all the tritypes having all 3 idealists. This is the type that is both diligent, creative and intuitive. Discriminating and wants fulfilling experiences, relationships and environments. Blindspot: the identification with high ideals can create a sense of being inflexible in standards and rigid. She also said this is the type most likely to alternate between being the life of the party and feeling inhibited and needing to be appropriate. The life mission is to visualize and bring ways to create meaningful change and teach or inspire others toward higher values of excellence.

    The 7 is what allows you to be bold (and the 4) but that 1 in there creates a stronger superego that likely says "you must be good, ethical, right, and appropriate" so there will be a clamping down of the spontaneous energy. With a 3 wing and social subtype I would imagine this person would be very productive and inclined to stay busy in order to avoid to inevitable emotional flood of the 4. With a 5 wing there might be more of an interest in academic or intellectual pursuits.

    The 471 has 3 types with access to 1, so are not shy about pushing to manifest a vision.

    4-7-1 - The Frustrated Idealist: Characterized by having strong ideals which can never quite be met. They want things to happen a certain way, have high expectations, but usually fall short. The frustration types (7-1-4) are most comfortable between the idyll and norming phases, when they have to change things.

    The 7 brings a constant chase and need for excitement, change. To influence popular culture, feeds the primary fixation in a particular way.

    Tends to be more easy-going if accompanied by s/p than s/o.
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    5w4 so/sx


    The Scholar

    – more introverted
    – intelligent
    – headstrong
    – detached
    – introspective
    – strategic

    – emotionally astute
    – dark
    – intense
    – knowledgeable
    – direct

    – esoteric
    – cynical
    – opinionated
    – original
    – reserved
    – confidence
    – focused
    – complex
    – can be moody/melancholic
    – direct
    – get angry/sad suddenly
    – guarded
    – analytic

    – wise
    – direct
    – blunt

    – factual
    – truth teller
    – reactive
    – independent
    – sensitive
    – fantasizing

    – dynamic
    – self-critical
    – contradictory
    – strong
    – vulnerable
    – changeable, fluctuating
    – temperamental
    – egocentric
    – defiant

    5w4 - 8w9 - 4w5
    True Neutral
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    469 - The Seeker

    I am 6w5 - 4w5 - 9w8

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    Another 1 4 7 checking in.
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    5w4 8w9 4w5 sx/sp

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    9w1 sp/sx
    ISFp Fi


    I've been considering 9w1 6w7 4w5 or even 6w7 9w1 4w5.... I think I've finally identified myself with the 6 struggle.

    also tempting soley so I can be in the FrostyLux tritype as was predicted by her. xD
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    6w5 sp/so
    SLI None


    We'll see

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    My tritypes profile.

    Truth to be told this perhaps better than anything else explains why I have the tendency to intimidate people. (even without trying)

    358 – The Solution Master Archetype

    The 135, 358, and 359 tritypes are naturally inclined to be tenacious and persistent.

    The 835 is the ambitious, tenacious, opinionated, tough minded, hard nosed, foundation building, mental giant that is in denial of and minimizing of their more tender emotions.

    If you are a 358, you are ambitious, knowledgeable and protective. You want to be efficient, wise and straight-forward. Tough-minded, you are good at studying a problem and finding both original and practical solutions others miss. Highly tenacious, you work tirelessly until you find solutions and prevail against adversity.

    Your life mission is to use your cleverness and astute powers of observation to serve the greater good. A true problem solver, you are happiest when you can evaluate what is needed and take action to create change.

    You can be so focused on your goals and ideas that you become an opinioned, hardnosed thinker that is in denial of your feelings. You can feel so vulnerable that you refuse to let in the importance and wisdom of your painful emotions.

    835: Focused and knowledgeable 8. Most scholarly 8, especially if introverted. Most impersonal 8, especially if self-preserving.

    (3)-5-8 - The Power-Seeking 3
    3-(5)-8 - The Aggressive 5
    3-5-(8) - The Competent 8

    Extreme narcissism. They believe that they are better than everyone else, and that they can handle anything that comes at them. They feel as though they are capable of anything and have ambitious plans.

    5-8-3: Most measured and goal-oriented Five.
    (I would have phrased it as “results-oriented.”)

    five with an eight fix: least intellectual, though perhaps the most mentally
    intense. unsettled by occasional fits of temper,
    sudden outbursts. affixed to notions of power;
    attitude of resigned realist. quietly guarded and
    insistent, may put others ill at ease.

    eight with a three fix: the notably success oriented, prominence seeking eight. utilizes
    image and manipulation to advance their career or enterprise.
    business achievement can lead to political aspirations.

    I'm 835. Low sensitivity? Yeah. I don't pick up on interpersonal subtleties well or acknowledge soft emotions in others, esp. at work. I need to see clear expressions of hurt to know that I'm being too forceful. And by then, I've already run the person down.

    Truth and Justice? Big time. Society could never give me justice if my line has been crossed. I've got to seek it out for myself.

    The 835, 358 and 538 tritypes struggle with sensitivity the most

    I can see parts of myself in your description from the standpoint of Tritype 538.
    My core type is a 5 social illiterate who feels that he cannot effectively participate in society, on this alien planet, without first mastering the language... of human social interaction. Once a certain level of mastery is attained, the compensatory social presentation is 3ish in flavor. 8 represents my ace-in-the-hole when the going gets tough.

    All 5s report that they felt that they missed the handbook that explained how to read and understand social signals when they were young. On another note, the 538 is more authentic due to the 8.

    Just saw 'The Social Network' and Mark Z. is played as a Social 538 Tritype. Very tough, unemotional, brilliant mind, and So instinct totally out of control. The character wants social status over personal connection or money

    The 4-5-8 is the most direct and blunt of all the tritypes, with the exception of perhaps 3-5-8.

    8-3-5 is the most direct combination.

    If 583 is your tritype then you probably have an air self-confidence hiding your nerdiness.

    5-3-8: more ambitious, competitive and assertive than others, these Fives stand out through their leadership abilities. They are rather good at managing people and know how to employ their powers and competencies in order to obtain an effective result. Pragmatic, goal-oriented and driven, but also a tad arrogant and egotistical, they know how to influence a situation to their advantage. And yet, although they are proficient in authority positions, others can find them quite unsympathetic and self-interested, with very little interest in people who cannot be of clear use to them.
    flavors: self-confident, pragmatic, hard-working and narcissistic

    5-8-3: a more ambitious, materialistic and dominant Five, who has a talent for leadership and a desire for achievement. More competitive and assertive than others, these Fives manage to get out of their shells more often to experience life in a more direct manner and obtain a position of power and success. Although still reserved and secretive, they exude a certain amount of self-confidence and strength which prevents their true vulnerabilities from being guessed by others (a huge fear of this tritype).
    flavors: poised, ambitious, domineering and territorial
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    9w8 sx/sp


    9w1-4w3-6w7. At least, that is what I'm currently leaned toward. It's either that or 9w1-3w4-6w7 though I feel the latter contains much more flexibility than I myself encompass. However, it does adequately in explaining my position as far and away the least genuine among the genuine.

    Bereft of a 2-fix as I am on either occasion, I am the bastard Jon Snow of ISFJ's. Someone must be and that someone, why not me.
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    925 so/sx
    EII None


    Mine. 925.

    259 Problem Solver Archetype


    If you are a 259, you are caring, knowledgeable and accepting. You want to be helpful, wise and peaceful. You have a very shy, gentle and reserved nature that focuses on what is harmonious. You need companionship and avoid loneliness by focusing on the needs and concerns of others.

    Your life mission is to find the information needed to help others manage their difficulties. A true problem solver, you are happiest when you are able to be in the role of a good Samaritan and help others find solutions.

    You can be so focused on the helpful information you have collected that you can be too passive and miss opportunities that would allow true presence. You also have great pride in giving to others but not needing them.

    your growing edge is to recognize that hesitating too long and being passive to avoid conflict does not keep the peace. true harmony comes from being in attunement with what is essential and in tending to it what is needed and when it is needed.

    the 954 is more contemplative and the the 952 will be more focused on others

    9s have a great capacity for depth, they just avoid conflict. Introspective 9s with 5 in the tritype are the intellectual 9s.

    The two most passive Tritypes are the 259 and the 269. They are both Tritypes that try to avoid conflict and keep the peace. Both are shy and somewhat withdrawn like the 459. But, the 2 brings active helpfulness which is why both of these Tritypes are good Samaritans. The 269 is the most defined by the motivation to help regardless which type is dominant. The 259 is more reserved and helps by problem solving.

    925 is one of the helping types. only the 926 is more helpful. This Tritype can be introverted and/or hesitant. When 9 is in charge this Tritype is often good at assessing situations but can have trouble knowing their own preferences and taking actions on their own behalf. Like the 269 the 259 is inclined to more passive than aggressive and can be reluctant to voice their views. They make great behavioral scientists and researchers.

    592: Accepting and caring 5. Most gentle, kind-hearted 5. Tends to be passive 6 wing.

    [258] What's hard with her is that she inadvertently forces people (even friends) to be very blunt when her services, advice, or even presence is not needed. I guess it's the triple-rejection nature that brings on this. My father is the 952 tritype and this can happen with him as well, only to a lesser degree.

    five with a nine fix: pattern seeking above all. whimsical exploration,
    disposition of reluctant idealist. open minded,
    philosophical perspective. can seem to lack focus
    while associating groupings of information into larger
    theories. likes people and humanity as a whole,
    shares ideas and is relatively easy to get along with.

    2-9s - They avoid admitting that they have a (completely) negative image (and avoid anything that may lead to such a state). They're ultimate fear is that they have a completely "black" image and are unable to escape it. They enter a strong state of denial when this occurs. This isn't necessarily because of the Two side, but much rather because the 9 side can't handle such a reality and thus this kind of Two is more likely to withdraw into a more "positive" perspective of themselves. It's much nicer and much more comforting that way.

    2-5s - They're schemers at heart. They combine their intellectuality with their emotionality to create sure-fire strategies that are bound to end with them projecting a "positive" image. They learn as much as possible from their environment to understand its rules and regulations, so they can then proceed to accomodate their image to it and therefore "fit in". This was the problem with Alice, as she could not understand her environment, thus her 5-fix had trouble. And because her 5-fix had trouble understanding, then her 2-type could not accomodate to the environment so easily. This led her to become frustrated and upset with her environment for not providing her coherent and consistent rules. The inconsistency of the rules and her natural tendency to accomodate the rules around her is what led her to become confused about her image.

    2-5-9 - Because by 5-fix they rely on their experience to provide them with the rules which they can accomodate to, they expect a lot from the environment around them. Thus, this all combines to being incapable of admitting that they're environment has made a mistake (9-fix, it's uncomfortable to know that the thing you are relying on is unreliable. Or that it is impossible to accomodate to your environment, and thus be incapable of producing a "positive" image). For this reasons, 2-5-9s (and actually 2-9s really) have trouble admitting that there's something wrong with their environment, or have trouble blaming their environment for their issues. Logic mandates that if one is uncomfortable with where one is, one should run. And this might be exactly what a 2-9 may do. They may run from where they are to go to a place that they can more easily accomodate to. A problem may arise though when they can't really run from the truth. Running from the environment is in the end admitting that they can't accomodate to the rules of the environment. Thus, if this is something they aren't willing to accept, they may stay and try to learn more about their environment until it makes more coherent sense. In such a situation, as much as they'd like to flee, running is not an option.

    9-2s and 5-2s may have somewhat similar issues, but have their main focus be a lot less centered on "fitting in" and more on "calming down" or "finding out".

    5-2-9: this is a more generous, social and good-natured Five, who genuinely enjoys helping others out and being in a relationship with them. Although they do require their alone time, Fives of this tritype tend to be more personable and they make wonderful advisors and counselors as long as they can keep behind the scenes. They are rather attracted to human sciences (psychology, sociology) and have a natural flair for moderating conflicts and solving people’s problems.
    typical subtypes: social, 5w4
    similar tritypes: 5-9-2, 2-5-9
    flavours: friendly, understanding, cooperative and humanistic

    5-9-2: rather easy-going, modest and amiable, these Fives are usually pleasant to have around because of their friendly nature and deeper understanding of the human needs and frailties. They are less judgemental and critical than other Fives and prefer to focus on the better side of things and people and work on exploring and improving these. They also have a somewhat holistic approach to life’s problems and questions – they tend to prefer the general to the particular and aren’t always very scientifically thorough.
    typical subtypes: self-preserving, social, 5w4
    similar tritypes: 5-2-9, 9-5-2
    flavours: agreeable, relaxed, friendly and spiritual

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