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Thread: 2w1 vs 2w3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duffy View Post

    Yes, but the statement doesn't say anything about 2w3s themselves - their fixation.

    "If I'm extraordinary (can include being funny / unique), then I won't be rejected." ~2w3
    "If I'm funny and charming, then I won't pose a threat / will be accepted." ~6w7

    ^In a nutshell, this is how I think the two types can be confused for one another.
    How would that work for a 6w5?

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    Ignore my last post on here. It was when I didn't know what I was talking about since 2w1s are often stereotyped wrongly as being most people's mothers.
    Click on this attachment, guys. Attachment 19193

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    2w3s are more street oriented and 2w1s have a more stuck up status quote vibe about them.
    2w3s are more prone to be more talkative and give more advice than 2w1s. 2w1s dispay a more chilled,serious vibe and a bit more old-fashion and both are kill joys
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    If we get greedy, everything will fall apart
    The main reason why there is no long peace is because everything is set and stone.
    Another is that resources are limited and the ones who had the most goes bad because they are in control.

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