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    Smile How do you tell someone's enneagram type?

    Hi everyone!

    A question came into my mind and maybe you will find it interesting too. How do you guys define the enneagram type of someone?
    For example, while you watch a YouTube video about a person, let us say an interview. You focus on what that person say or how say, how express himself/herself? You try to be objectiveli, focus on what he/she tell and on the body language or you use your intuition and focus on his/her "aura"?

    I'm waiting intrigued for the answers.
    (Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.)

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    Default How do you tell someone's enneagram type?

    I start by focusing on there energy, often I will note first the triad they belong to, if so I then note if the individual is a Primary type or secondary type, but some times when I focus on an individual's energy they will be emanating predominantly there instinctual stack energy.

    Some times I will see straight to a trait energy of a type and I will confirm it by following the phycology and logic of the individual and the logic could be feeling emotional based or raw logic or carefree impersonal logic or the logic of one of the eight cognitive energies.

    Some times it will be the raw spectrum emotion energy witch presents its self as a multiplicity it can have a strong presence like quality because the self can feel the emotion and sense the presence of the core function energy witch the individual is observing though and division making via. An example, one day this week I did my volunteering work at a public hospital and I was given a task to do were I had to enter patent rooms and do a maintenance task. In one of the wards In the hospital a secure ward, I entered a room after being directed by my coworker and supervisor I was working with to go in to the room so I did and as I entered I asked if I could do a maintained check on the TV, the man sitting on the bed said yes shore. So I proceeded to set up my ladder, while I was setting up my ladder I was reflecting on his energy that I receptively identified it was unusually raw and strong and clear and sharp and self confident and happily engaged. The energy was a part emotional personification a multiplicity and its phycology spectrum was two fold or a two spectrum like multiplicity it emotion consisted of two parts Ni and Te I looked at the individual to see more about him hoping to see his Instinctual type within his body language. His posture at rest was as if an INFJ and his facial energy was 8w9w7 and his direction of dominant observational watch was Ti from of the mood wing of the 8w9 the Ti of the ENTJ. He was a prisoner with the energy of,( Te--- f ---Ni ) watching one of the guards seated with his eyes closed and at rest. The "f" was the part of him that greater me with consent to proceed with my work. Fe from ESFJ. But the first preference F has a silent sharp observational quality when silent it watches though and from behind a mask Te-------Ni. With this charge the Fe - "f" can like a chameleon actualise though a masked like appearance and pass it self as both Te and Ni and Fi but mot all people can find this state of mind as clearly as this individual most people are in a mono trance of one or two steps within there primary MBTI flux all people will utilise this spectrum but will not be swear of it as an I power multiplicity at there dispense to utilise at will with the commanding direction of the selfs first function. He reminded me of the fullness of that aspect of minds energy, I know it as a structure but had forgotten it as an alive power, so I thank that Soul for mirroring to me the energy I had practically fallen asleep to.
    Someone else was present in the corner of the room doing paperwork and he left the room by the time I rose up the ladder he was a Sp/Sx energy, and then while working I felt an energy so I looked behind me and the Gard opened one of his eyes squinting with both intuitive and Si energy as seeing me I turned back to look at what I was doing that he was also watch while as seeing me, he was a ENFP and as I was working I realised that the prisoner had most likely fatigued the guard Mood wing Ti for sport. It was all interesting it took me three minutes to do my job and I left the room thinking about the rare alive energy I had witnessed in the room. Via what I witness of the energy of the two guards there were possibly X military officers one maybe a commando and the other an SAS sergeant perhaps. The prisoner was most likely an out law biker and a possibly a murderer , he had that confident presence and phycological stroking energy a specific type of presence.

    Some time it is standard traits and behaviours overcompensating people emirate in there phycological laziness or stream lining, fitting in without generating waves or as topical response generators.

    What I see is what I recognise and often I can not clearly see the type of the person because they are being normally physiologically engaged in normal routine logical actions with out the inflation so am used to identifying.

    Sometime it can be the voice emotion or the body language or a hand gesture movements, there are many cues that people express in the hope that we will identify them and in doing so understand them.

    Some times I play the expert and guesstermate with out thinking it though or seeing validating traits and get it wrong.
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    A combination of -

    Energy in photos/interviews - including body language, how they talk..


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