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    Exclamation Can't figure out my ennegram type ?

    Ok so I'm an ISTP !! .... Just wanted to start with that ... I have taken like 2 ennegram test and the first time I got a 9 and then the second time I got a 1. I thought that was weird because they are pretty opposite. So let me just give you a brief synopsis of who I am lol ... So here we go ... I'm an musician, 23 years old, a female who currently rides in the sunshine state. I'm originally from the carribean and came to America about 8 years ago around age 16. I been on my own since I was 16 in America by myself ( don't ask just my circumstances) anyways I was reading ennegram type 1 and that one seems to resonate with me more than 9. Maybe because I have well developed Introverted intuition and that helped me when pursing my career as a musician. When it comes to my music I'm aloof and very focused on my goals to point where my boyfriend feels neglected. I feel like since I been on my own so long, I'm just very independent. And even though I'm layed back I know how to use my energy wisely to get things done. I know you guys don't know me personally but if you could help then that would be awesome !!! ... Also I don't see my self as a 9 I'm like my peace but if I have to stand up and fight I'm willing to do that. I'm not threatened by conflict at all, doesn't mean I want to deal there .. Also would like to know how the wings work because I have heard that I could be a 1w9 or a 9w1 ... Idk

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    You seem excitable and confident, so maybe 7?
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