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If you identify with being a Narcissist Cygnus, and I don't necessarily get the sense that you truly do but don't know either way, then by its very definition you're not one. For the only person that can and will convince a Narcissist they are nothing of the sort....is a Narcissist.
Not true. You can gaslight a narc out of it's defence loop. It can shatter them, though. You've got to be careful. At least, it's possible with a compensatory narcissist. You strip away the delusion and make them feel worthless.

With regards to a pathological narcissist, it's less about grandiosity and more about entitlement and contempt. I'm pathologically narcissistic, and though I can comfortably label myself such, I have no problem with identifying with it (at least, personally - it'd be foolish to allow others in my life to know).

In summary you can make a a clinical narc identify as one but you'll never change their world view because they inherently think it's superior. A compensatory narc, you cannot convince of the disorder without breaking them because the delusion and reality are not aligned.