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    Quote Originally Posted by Entropic View Post
    All right, that makes more sense. Personally I prefer Sandra Maitri. I can send you copies if you want.
    I have heard great things about Sandra Maitri and her book "The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram." I would adore reading her stuff!
    I would be very grateful to you.
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    Discordians are forged in the fires of mental instability and militant-subjectivism.
    Alcohol seems to help too.

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    Default Why is this book so highly recommended?

    Quote Originally Posted by Entropic View Post
    I find that RH are ok but they don't offer anything new or substantial to the table and some descriptions are just really really bad, especially how they correlate certain behaviors with the types but never actually truly delve into the underlying type structure.
    You are truly of the Planet, you are a strange person Entropic. Then you said that you are an INTJ I believe that you spoke the truth.

    One good thing has come from reading you posts, this one and the one that you posted in response to another of mine is that you have helped me recognise something about the sub conches and un conches multiplicity that generates and compels the uniqueness and anxieties and doubts of type six at point six. So that's a good thing. Thanks.

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