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    Default NFP tritype 479: 9w8 vs 9w1

    Hey y'all! So I'm fairly certain I'm a 479 tritype, with 4w3 and 7w6. I'm just a little confused on the 9 part. For an xNFP (leaning ENFP), which would be more common? How would they manifest themselves differently? Because the 9 is the last in my tritype, it's harder for me to figure this out.

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    A person with a 9w8 in the last of the trio will be more agressive than someone with a 9w1. 9 is peacemaker, 8 is challenger, and 1 is perfectionist, therefore a 9w8 would be more agressive and their actions would be more scattered, versus a 9w1 whose actions would strive for perfection and would try to ignite some sort of change. Basically a 9w8 is more willing to challenge others in order to keep peace and the 9w1 would be more OCD like when trying to keep the peace by trying to make the world perfect. Hope this helps.
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    If it's a fix, why does it matter to you? The differences are pretty relevant for core 9s otherwise I don't see how it adds any value. I also wouldn't expect it to be easy to distinguish, as you're a core 4 you are a reactive type anyway which could push you towards thinking w8, yet your integration point is 1 which would lead to the other.

    Nevertheless, a key difference for a core 9 is internal rage v internal critical judgment. For a 9 to figure out their wing often a relevant question is how does your anger manifest (when you actually notice it). Another point is active v passive, if a problem comes up that causes conflict a 9w8 is more likely to actively move things towards a resolution, while a 9w1 is more likely to simply be in the same space as a calming influence.
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