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    Default A poem for each type

    Type 1

    Look at the world, do you see what I see?
    War, carnage, rape, murder, and stupidity?
    Who would I be if I sat back and watched humanity crumble?
    The problem is chaos, an unending constant lethal bubble.
    The metaphysical force of chaos is powerful.
    Its unrelenting nature wraps us in chains, years spent tired and dull.

    Do you see all the details of the world?
    Are your eyes attuned to the strands of hair left uncurled?
    Don't you see that what we do wrong causes the world problems?
    When you fall short, where do you stand by your morals?
    I try not to judge, anger is bad, so how can I correct the wrong in front of me?
    Rules exist for a reason, sweetie, and if all rules were followed, earth is saved, you'll see

    Why not pursue the ideal?
    Why only settle for a barbecue meal?
    I am a man of action, not thought.
    Thought is a useless practice, unless that thought is being taught.
    To show my emotion gives you control, so you'll never see it.
    I'll take the long-term psychological complex over not repressing myself.
    None of yall bitches holistic anywho.

    Look, I don't mean to be so critical.
    I'm the same to myself, it's quite typical.
    I just want you to listen, I know what I'm saying
    All this responsibility will soon have me decaying
    But no matter what I will always be fair.
    If you can stand my beliefs, we can unite as a pair.


    Type 2

    No one appreciates the shit we put up with.
    I give and you take and I gave and you take.
    My worth comes from giving and it comes from you taking.
    But why won't anyone put that extra effort for me?

    Why do some people I give to disapprove of me?
    I ignore my own needs to take care of your own.
    I don't know what'd happen if I was alone.
    The saddest day was when my children were full grown.

    Because now they could care for themselves and don't need me.
    But a part of their life I still strongly wish to be.
    In spite of how I feel, I'll always remain warm.
    Even when sometimes it feels my heart is being torn.

    I know I must deceive others of my own hurt.
    Or else I might lose them, for who'd want this ugly mess?
    I must keep this image of peace and tranquility.
    I must never reveal a sign of hostility.

    I must never endanger my ability to be loved.
    If I don't earn it, why do I deserve it?
    I'll sacrifice my integrity if it means our mouths will fit.
    My intentions will always be pure, even when they're not.

    Some people think I'm fake because of how much love I share
    But I promise it's sincere, I really do care
    I can't help but feel this unconditional love for humanity
    Every person deserves care, so I'm proud of my generosity.

    I have one request, one request if at all.
    If you assure that you love me, you'll break through my wall
    You know how hard it is for me to say no.
    If you use this for bad, then you're a massive ho.


    Type 3

    Look, I'm busy, I don't have time for your games.
    A poem you say? That you want me to convey.
    Well I can not admit that I am rather flattered.
    But if I fuck up there will be some blood-splatter.

    Yeah, some call me names, all kinds of them.
    My nickname by some is the arrogant narcissist.
    But it's not that I am a bad person, you see...
    I must appear excellent to hide my low self-esteem.

    I want to make it far in life, as far as I can be.
    I will reject failure because only success matters.
    My workaholism is just a sign of my focus.
    This amount of busyness may lead me to forget who I am.

    What is it that I really want?
    I want to be loved.
    But who could love a failure?
    Thus I must compete.

    My colleagues think they know me
    But how can they if even I don't know me?
    I know how to gain their approval.
    My gift of efficiency is my greatest virtue.

    Depending who I'm with, my personality will change.
    It's a process unconscious to even myself.
    When others point it out, I'll instantly deny it.
    But really, who needs a personality when you've got a degree?

    Love? Now that's a whole other category.
    I know how to make it work, I know which corny lines to pick.
    But wait. Is that me they are loving, or is that who I am trying to be?
    I feel loved for what I achieve, because who would love me for who I am?

    Am I worth loving without my accomplishments?
    Am I only worth as much as my success?
    Is my success really my passion or just my definition of success?
    Now leave me be, I've dug too deep into me and must return to who I was before.

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    Type 4

    Oh boy, where do I begin?
    No really, where do I begin?
    Was there ever a beginning? Will there ever be an end?
    Was this planned from the start, did it just fall into place?

    Yes, you might notice my attraction to sadness.
    I smell your contempt as I indulge in my melancholy.
    But sadness is pure, it's constant and inevitable.
    It's long-lasting and like a warm blanket sometimes.

    Please don't call me sensitive, that's not quite the right word.
    It implies that I am too weak for the world.
    But the truth is quite the opposite, for I find meaning in the world everywhere.
    This meaning can be quirky, it can be imaginative, but it's always a treasure to share.

    Guilt often plagues my soul, so much so it's almost wired.
    I've rationalized the reason for it to go away, but there it lingers in my abdomen.
    Perhaps it is because I feel so out of place in this world, as if I don't belong.
    But I'll take this wrathful guilt over being a defective person.

    I really long to understand myself.
    Why am I so different? Why don't I fit in?
    I wish I didn't carry this envy in my heart when I see someone rewarded for their efforts.
    My stresses are often relieved by dissolving into my fantasy world, one where I am rewarded.

    I suppose individuality is better than conformity.
    But wouldn't that qualify as self-absorbtion?
    I must release my self-doubt and self-indulgence.
    And I must not dwell on the past, because I can never change those horrible things in my childhood.

    I sometimes turn people away with my addiction to the morbid reality.
    I don't mean to burst everyone's bubble, but some sadness can help you develop empathy.
    If you're all so positive all the time, how will you handle it when negativity strikes you where it hurts?
    There is much grief left to uncover, but my true longing is contentment.

    I just wish my greatest desires weren't unattainable.
    And I wish my emotional flatness could be eased by some means other than melancholy.
    Won't a soul mate rise from the shadows and rescue me from this castle?
    I doubt it, for what prince would choose me?


    Type 5

    My ability to think grants me powers of intellectual superiority.
    My focused observation on the subtleties of the vast world grant me significant insight.
    But I am so attuned to the details of the world that I see it for how dangerous it is.
    I want to be in control of my mind, outside influences must be cast out.

    When I observe the world with an open mind, I make grand discoveries.
    When I perceive the world through the cosmic lens of my inner chaos, I fabricate reality.
    Once I sense the pattern of an object or person or phenomena, I have it in my palm.
    But should it escape my grasp, it means I missed a detail, which means I failed.

    My privacy is my most needed appetite.
    In my reclusive state, people think I am anti-social.
    In fact, they also think I'm pretty weird.
    But I'm too busy gathering information and categorizing data to care what you think.

    I want to know.
    It's simple.
    I came into this world, and what is it?
    That's what I am set to find out.

    If you become my object of most curious investigation.
    I will dissect you with the most accurate, overwhelmingly powerful knowledge.
    I will know what makes you tick, I will know what entices and terrifies you.
    I don't look to be malicious with my insights

    I just like to be the one in control.
    And I will be in control.
    My knowledge of you keeps me one step ahead at all times.
    If you race me, you will die of exhaustion. Do not challenge me.


    Type 6

    What's it like to be a 6?
    Why are you asking me that?
    Are you trying to get inside my head?
    How do I know if I can trust you?

    Look, you people are all the same.
    You talk to me for a while and then you disappear.
    When I become loyal to someone, it's because they gained my trust.
    To leave me at all would be very unjust.

    I don't trust you yet.
    I see too clearly all that can go wrong.
    I'll tell you one secret though, I'm sure you already know.
    Every person I meet will face a series of tests.

    If you want to teach me something new, you'll have to show me proof.
    I need people and ideas that will pass all my tests.
    My tests are used to scan for hidden agendas.
    Don't call me defensive, I just know our species is rotten
    And we gotta protect ourselves one way or another.

    Don't rush me.
    If I am forced to do something, I will resent you for it.
    Nothing is more grating than an untrustworthy authority.
    And I will rebel in all my fears and insecurity.

    If you force me to submit to rigid and unfair systems,
    You will provoke the inner beast which dwells inside.
    A man with this much built up tension can only take so much
    Before he makes the world aware of it by spectacular force.

    You might call me a pussy, but you don't know me.
    You don't know my capability for rebellion.
    For I always have the ultimate guide.
    Empirical proofs and truth.
    Come at me bro.
    Come. At. Me.

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    Type 7

    A scatter-brained and optimistic enthusiast
    An intellectual entertainer
    A sophisticated, fun-loving visionary
    A combiner of ideas to create super-ideas

    If there's anything I like to do, it's to make an impression
    I want to do something you'll remember me by
    If I lead the party, the event will be novel
    The innovative and unusual is most exciting

    But this need for excitement, it never goes away
    In fact, when not satisfied, I begin to decay
    I fill this excitement with artificial thrills
    Like Adderall, cocaine, and other things that kill.

    The hardest thing to do for me is to do nothing at all
    To sit straight and stare only at a blank wall
    To empty my mind and clear all my thoughts
    This task is so painful, but that's why it's essential

    For if we can learn to achieve the power of mindfulness
    We will learn to always be satisfied in the present
    And in this calm content satisfaction, we can achieve great things
    Our visions are stunted by our escapade for nights in paradise

    If we could only complete what we set out to do
    We'd learn discipline.
    We must learn to accept the present's limitations
    Work within its range by using your imagination.

    In the core of us all is a constant state of panic
    An uneasiness that we can't quite understand.
    That uneasiness is the void.
    The void we must enter to escape our frenzied anxiety.

    To make use of our abilities, we must integrate to 5.
    Where we experience everything in depth
    Where all observations contain meaning
    Where every emotion is understood and properly handled.

    Our style will always be spontaneous and grand.
    We will avoid any pain like the Bubonic plague.
    Pain, however, must be seen and focused upon
    For an even distribution of body and mind.

    We must develop gratitude.
    Without gratitude we engage in gluttony.
    It's best not to challenge a 7 with superiority,
    Because they are quick to dismiss you with contempt if you do.

    Keep the spark alive.
    Watch it thrive.
    Take a dive.
    Feel the vibe.
    The motto of a 7 is to enjoy the world. So do it.


    Type 8

    Let's get one thing straight, you hear?
    I'm in control here, you got that you queer?
    You think I'm not aware of my strength?
    I bet you wouldn't even match my penis length.

    What's that you say? A truly powerful man doesn't need to say it?
    That is one strong point there.
    It's not power that defines me, it's my unyielding ability to take personal initiative
    I am blunt, impatient with stupidity, and unforgiving of betrayal.

    I am a fighter at heart
    Something I developed as a kid so I could defend myself against the world
    I use this fighting spirit to fight injustice
    I fight for the underdog at all costs

    Weakness is sin.
    But aggression is excessive.
    My influence is strong, for I deny any flaws.
    I see things in black and white, I don't care for middle ground bullshit.

    Should I seek improvement, it would be to eliminate fear.
    Fear of losing, fear of being weak, fear of being controlled, fear of people against me.
    These fears are what fuel my ego defenses.
    Underneath my defenses is a tender, giant-hearted teddy bear that I DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE.

    I suppose I have caveman-esque tendencies
    Seeing as how sex and fighting dominate a portion of my social interactions.
    When I'm freed from fear for my well-being, I channel my passionate energy towards compassion.
    But if I'm betrayed, my vengeful nature will be a very dangerous force to whomever I target.

    I suggest you think twice before deciding to challenge me.
    I live for challenges.
    They fill me with a vigorous glow.
    Because it allows me to destroy you.


    Type 9

    Ugh. Can't I sleep for 5 for minutes?
    Exhaustion eventually reaches its limit.
    No, I'm not exactly tired. Sigh, how to explain.
    I do not want to be affected by the environment.

    I will slickly chameleon my way through social gatherings.
    All it takes is fake smiles and noticing cues of incoming uproar and easing them away.
    But sometimes I just tune out.
    When I tune out, I am tuned. Out.

    Me tuned out is a pure person.
    A person existing.
    A human being walking on Earth.
    Me tuned out is not a very healthy way of life.

    I want equilibrium with my work and relationships,
    With my friendships and finances and the universe,
    With myself and my other self
    Er, nevermind that.

    If I'm around you long enough, expect me to become you.
    I am a floating spirit; an enigmatic reflection of my environment.
    I am a mirror of the universe.
    I seek balance and stability, peace and comfort, if I could I would be a Buddhist monk.

    Do I repress anger? No, I don't.
    Do I repress anger? No, I really don't.
    Do I repress anger? NO.

    And it can not be released because my value for harmony is in charge.
    So my feelings are numbed, and my aggressions become unconscious.
    The resistance of my aggression culminates to a resistance against reality.
    If healthy, however, I am rather pleasant.

    If only I could be rid of this anger.
    Perhaps then I could grow.
    Perhaps then I find peace.
    And perhaps then I achieve true individuality.

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    This is so adorable
    You are so arbitrary.

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