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    3w4 sx/sp



    Sounds like the neurotic part of your inner Sx/Sp/So is at work-KitchenFly

    Do have much on going troubles with this over compensating part of your being?

    4's 2's and nines can have This sheared inner difficulty "team is impotent" we kinda have to survive together would be a topical articulation a simpatico inspired hop to connect believe that self and other are on the same page connected as one on the same Planet.

    Are you by chance a Sx:4 ? @KitchenFly

    It's interesting how the two Sp functions work within the overcompensation of the type via the sub conches needs to feel centred and free within the psychodrama of selfs need to de expressively free willed.

    You seek to limit free will and choice with an other rather than accept diversity within the multiplicity and move on enjoying the aspects of being that generate aliveness within self.

    So/sp instinct has its complicated stress stress structure, I know I am human to. Perhaps you would like to shear you hart felt experience as to the type you see your self as being and I could illuminate for you the structure and mechanics that are moving you while your self is focused upon holding balance rather than embracing the a texture of the posture of this inmate controlling component of Being.

    Please do tell your story @KitchenFly
    Tritype: 358 (3w4, 5w6, 8w7)

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    I'll give it a go Snickie.

    9w1 vs 1w9.

    The way I see it is the middle type within the tri type has much to do with continuity, regulating controlling and influencing the explicate of the psychodrama narrative that we engage with within interpersonal relations selfs own regulated mind set with self and others at a level of influence orientation with minds focused continuity.

    The 1w9 is more super ego driven were as the 9w1 is more Id driven.

    Right action focused first impersonal towards how something affects personal and impersonal vs personal first looking out onto discriminating as whether an action or situation is correct ok or of an unsettling nature with a micro feeling feeling component (personal) and a detached observational global view visceral orientation.

    The two energies couple or are linked as if a seesaw but egoic minds overcompensation so blind the receptive view from the other side of the seesaw that self becomes lazy in noting with empathy concisely both actions as states within selfs own Being.

    Relating cognitively think-feel-Hart to Gut to experience as a reaction (Head) thoughts follow the hart as the selfs Gut dictates,can be the trap as a fixated emotional mind overcompensation factor. This is the ambidextrous S&N trance in action testing its will with the ESNTJ INNER DYNAMIC MIND SET ACTION in-play, a trance perceived by self as a mono toned experience, the Self is comfortably sitting on its own side of the seesaw self confident.

    We're as the 9w1 relates cognitively feel-sense-Gut to Hart to experience as a reaction (Head) impressions follow the head as Gut dictates,can be the trap as a fixated emotional mind overcompensation factor. This is the N within the INP of the INFP trance as the F chooses to silently abstain interaction participation till egoic mind believes participation is warranted.

    Two clearly differing states, like all types what is required is a shift in trance to act from a differing perspective within the selfs own minds eye. If you are not Serbian as to you tri-type don't be surprised if you find that as your Instinctual energy fluxes between the three energies (SP, SO, SX) and the six energy states and there dual directional paths eg: Sp/sx or Sp/Sx Point:2 to and with Point:4 across Point :3 to experience the via a mental action of receptivity (sense-feel), to switch to, Sp/sx connected to Point:5 SX (I am) asserted or to Point:8 SO asserting i am.

    The point is there are switches at work and within or buzzy ness or business we are preoccupied to see the switching that takes place with our personal inner mental activity as trance transformers and re transformers with self knowing other than noting emotions experienced as being stressful joyful or mundane annoying extra.

    So what I am saying is in one emotional state you could be 514 and in another emotional state you could be 594.

    One instinct Another instinct in all six variations are posable via both four energies and the five energies and and the two fixed energies of 514 or 594.

    Good luck and may the force be with you, that the easiest way to experience the Self as Being not stuck, sitting on the seesaw.

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    EIE Fe


    Fascinating thread but over my head and beyond my areas of expertise. Excellent read, however, and an interesting correlative theory.

    M/B Functional Stack: Dominant--Fe, Auxilliary--Ni, Tertiary--Se, Inferior--Ti
    Ego (Jungian): FeNi
    Socionics: EIE-Fe, Beta
    Socionics Functional Stack: Program--Fe, Creative--Ni, Role--Te, PoLR--Si
    Enneagram Type 1
    Tritype 136
    Big Five: SCOEI - sxO|E|i
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    House: Slytherin (the "ethical teacher" type, i.e. Severus Snape)
    Color Code: Blue (intimacy-driven)
    Soul Type: Educator

    Sentio ergo sum.

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Thanks for you input, much appreciated. (Big smile)
    @Kheledon, Cheers.

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by gasoline View Post
    how do you become your own person? be the rugged individualist you guys are? share your wisdom infjs!
    Well a switched on person I was seeking help from when I was 20-21 year old looked at me and said, "what other people think of me is non of my business! I look at him for a moment as the penny dropped and said to myself out loud, What Another person thinks about me is non of my business!

    One of the best slithers of wisdom someone ever shared with me as in return I purchased one copy of Personality Types and a copy of Understanding The Enneagram, by the author Don Richard Riso as a token of my apposition and gave them to him.

    As a nine that was sound advice and as a person still thinking teenager thoughts while traveling forward though life that was the best advice.

    Now as a 9w1w8 Sx/Sp I utilise my 3w2 Sp/Sx energy or my 1w2 Sp/So energy to deal with thinking about if needs be the concept of what if it other talk about me first before acting.

    Stop think act. Kinda like a closed triangle.

    .................................................. .................................................. ..............

    Self image is important and affects all eight cognitive patterns equally.

    If it's a T kinda perspective you would like to view first from them how about the logic: Energy follows thought.

    And the F kinda perspective could be resistance is expressed in multiple forms of expression.

    Silence and the withholding "E-motion" the outward E-motion expressed as an emotional attitude,from "inner reactions", is a standard form of resistance expressed by all.

    S may aline with T as N may aline with F. And, I and P as E and J can also sustain the statuesque as often human are repetitive and frequently discriminate habitually.

    In other words we al like to have a whinge if a supportive like minded person is prepared to lend a respective ear.

    .................................................. .................................................. .........

    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    Yeah this is what I've seen too. Not that they don't mean it when they decide not to give a fuck anymore - they do. I think they have to get comfortable with the idea before embracing it.
    Hmm completion; nine at Point:9.

    I think in the context you are choosing to put forth as argument,. care is an action by the hart centre.

    No shock no gain,. A step further requires an existent ethereal action action of hart and mind in unison with two actions the 9w8 can struggles with witch frequently confuses there primary function, view, to understand and express with via,. A liberating inner freedom that empowers Self to think as is sense,. But not separate.

    Since it's Easter "Amen" reconciliation is worth contemplation.

    To help do this we can take a view of the empowering conches mechanism we can all access that the 9w8w1 holds as a capability to mirror to all and In doing so invite conches awareness. A sheared active synergy inmate with the Soul of Man.

    It is a dynamic an action a secondary reach.

    The 9w8w1 has three clear states. It's primary fixation (INFJ) with its standard structural mechanical order in operation as a fluctuating mechanism N F NF I J .
    It's second clear state observable is the actions from components existing within the structure of its two wings. ESTP and ESNTJ. Her we find the first key and as we know things often work in three's and in this case three steps.

    With out going into to much detailed explanation, S&N is reached as a spit in attention empowers the 9w8 to, via its eight wing connects Point:5 were the ESTP energy links the 5w6w4 ambidextrous F&T energy with the second step action of the engaged ambidextrous S&N generated from the one wing of the 9w8w1's wing. A triangle action is active S&N with F&T with The Inner N, leading to, A New Step Two, the F couples with the first function F of the INFP (9w1w8 energy) 4, 6, 8,

    N-F F-N , action at Point:9 (4) four parts. (A multiplicity of two subtype sheared Point energies)

    N - S & N - F & T - F , action starting from Point:9, drawing from wing Point:1, then via wing Point:8's connection with Point:5 the F&T, and the activation of the second preferred Fe for the (9w8w1 INFJ). (6) six parts.

    Then as you can detect the action of eight parts is the last six including the two parts from The most sacred:Zero At Point Nine.

    We see now that the key now begins to tern. The Second Shock.

    Note within the explanation honoured was (4, 6, 8) ,and the second shock point we know is located at Point Six.

    The third Shock is the competing of another triangle action, step two was archived when: (N-F F-N) took place. And the The First Shock activated after when: (nine at Point:9 was honoured as the activating action), 9w8w1 coupled S&N with F&T.

    Three into three is the next step requires I believe all processes begin at zero at point nine and end at nine at point nine, the activation of the hole person. The completing of the Primary inner triangle grounds the third shock into our Being. As our experienced state of being,. Authentic Man Human freed from our egoic state as being a so called mechanical man.

    Other can better describe the making of the law of three happen within, but I thought it important articulate an important mechanical action that takes place as the retransformation takes place from mechanical man to hole man or Conches Being.

    Anyway I don't real give a f*** about you but the meditation of Easter well I care greatly about taking some time out to refine my understanding of what was meant by the phrase "Son Of God", as a pin head you in orated me to well air my thoughts.

    Perhaps it was our fathers will directing doth our narratives, or all our narratives. It's a thought.

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by Vulcan View Post
    How do you understand or view the function? Is it utterly foreign to you, or do you have some understanding of it?
    I view it many ways mostly it's not foreign to me but I can find being hole focused in a respective state taking in receptively the cognitive relay of Ti can be mind blowing when the informative communicated is lazed in a precise manner with an intent to inform.

    It I was to sum up the proactive side of Ti with one word, that word would be, thoughtful.

    In a strange kinda way Ti reminds me at an instinctive level of a resonance between gut and hart that strikes it's refinance pitch at Point:6 for the SP instinct types via a relay between direct cognition and mass (Points 9 and 3) as points two and one ripple in two directions as a synergy and strike points three and nine sounding Point:6 Ti and Te are sounded as instinctual notes via a complex synergy two sets of three (2&1 to reach 6 and 3&9 to reach 6). The Gut and the Hart and the overdeveloped catalyst overcompensated being the The Head centre sounded as a chief Note from Points 1&2.

    An interesting thing is that the Sp/Sx and the Sp/So both reach from their triangles to Points 5 and 7 the two Points eat her side of Point Six the hole point of the second Shock. The personal triangle (-1-4-7-) and the team work triangle (-2-5-8-).

    One hole:1 + 1/2 (Point:9) +1/2 (Point:3) Plus a wharf of one hole Point:6, the sounded Note.

    One hole:2 + 1/2 (Point:3) +1/2 (Point:9) Plus a wharf of one hole Point:6, the sounded Note.

    1 + 1 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 Plus 1/2 of and the other 1/2 of one hole being the catalyst Point:6 equals, "FIVE".

    Repeat this for SX & SO and the number becomes FIFTEEN, three short of the number eighteen and four short of the number nineteen.

    Nineteen Boundaries Of Creation comes to mind.

    We started with four points, Point:9, Point:1, Point:2. Point:3.

    5+15+19= 39

    Three tens (the law of ten and the three Points of the Primary inner triangle, nine units (nine Point of the Enneagram).

    Why would this repeat its self three times?

    The thought that comes to mind relates to the Atom:
    - the strong force.
    - the week force.
    - the electromagnetic force.

    Wow! did I just get all Ti for moment there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron View Post
    in my understanding it's a misconception to see head types as the fear triad or fear types.

    all types have their basic fear patterns. every individual has specific fears etc.

    when you think patternwise about dangers in order to avoid them you're not a fear type in my eyes. it's a way to deal with things. that's all.

    with the help of this thinking pattern head types also avoid the feeling of fear.
    Hi Ron, at one level I get were your at and that's natural it's easy regardless of type and type and type to become cognitively mono syllabic in thought in regards to making sense of vast complexity,s that yield to a stereo similar within our own perception formed by our own part portion perspective.

    The Triad that contains Points: 4 and 5 and 6, deals with first the information input from the head centre to determine,make discussions , and construct choices to act or act upon.

    These three component actions require the remaining two centre's form which a cognitive flows flux is sustained.

    Anyway the guts of the matter is The Head types / The Fear Types / The Thinking Types, or the types belonging to the grouping that centre upon the output influence of Point:6 all are influenced but the grey and white mater inside the scull and all the rest of it that the brain consists of.

    For the types Five, Six and Severn, stress is experienced as agenda is ordered from the head centre, "if I, what if, I'm going to" , "I will, I may, I shall" ,("observe", "introspection", "plan")

    these examples of deal with action at the personal level it is identity driven self determined action lead, it is lead by the head centre, "I"- in contrast to - environment.

    Fear is synonymous with being alive due to two of the three basic component factors we are all influenced directly by, Creation -(the creative force) and Entropy -( the destructive force / entropy) or at the personal inner level entropy could be defined as the intropic force, fear based acts or fear biased actions or fear lead ignorance.

    Anyway Agenda is the key to understanding a context for the three stresses experienced from the mental or mind lead by the influences or flux flow input from the three centre's.

    To help you out Ron her is a link to Russ Hudson who has a mental fetish for all things metaphysical and relevantly related to Egypt and its ancient history.
    IEA France : Russ Hudson - Le triangle et la loi de 3. Extrait du DVD

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron View Post
    Exsprience is a good way of putting it,. The experience of thinking with the hart motor running, being mentally I gaged with the hart and its adrenaline flowing through the hum of selfs experiential emo filling the base like groin (sexual centre) feeling the supper ego's charge, in contrast not being sedated buy the gut centre neutralising both the active hart and head multiplicity aliveness (direct cognitive ratio.

    Head centre no fear state is the raw superego energy active, it is the ego as russ Hudson was saying in the vid clip , me as in "I" the selfs determination concisely active in the now. It is the six energy active the three energy negative and the nine energy neutral head hart gut all engaged with the aliveness self doing it the selfs way. Moving (6) centre sexual (3) centre and mental centre (9) the supper ego is drawing direct cognition but being reactive via its own hart (will) that is what I men by the sexual centre's energy it is as if at this level of operation Point 3-4-5 fuel Point:6 with an aspect of the instinctual SX energy at its raw level base level supper ego level and indirectly Point nine is a counter balance the eye of the meditation's energy (the inner neutral of the selfs "direct cognition" -personal) as if the experience could be thought of as a linear vibration were in one closed circle is a symbol were in the centre of the space is the sexual centre's active component the inner face of the circle is the moving centre's component and the outer face of the same circle is the mental centre component, a three into one action a supper ego action egoic mind active ego action. No Fear, insulated-insular!

    But if we have in mind three three rings of the Imposable object a context of the three part balance of an experience of a higher action may remind up of the law of three as if sense think feel were each Anne ring of the three rings were as we have been thinking of three parts as a one component reactive action.

    In the Imposable object a flow flows through the three rings as a ser it circuit action as it the HigherMind HigherEmotion and MovingCentre are as one.

    This is one way of slicing the Pie but it is your experience this topic about you say you do not think head centre types are fear types.

    At the egoic mind active level unchallenged but the truths that underlie reality that perception can be deemed in the now moment as perceptibly true, as via (( one ring vibrating )).

    Yes the three part are always within your experience, you sense you think you feel regardless of were your head is at so all three centre's are active, the intuition is like the glue that bind the three together and the "binds" is what can "blind" blind the bind blind what is taking place, the higher action of making the law of three within requires "Presence" -a form of intuiting that Leeds to if the law of three is manifested within, intuition of a spiritual order, a no trace trance.

    Hence the power of the symbol of the Imposable object.

    3-4-1 the irony is interesting. Metaphorical speaking,

    3 -Sense Think Feel (little 1/2 circles)

    4 - Point:3 Point:4 Point:5 Point:6 (little 1/2 ovals)

    1 - Intuition as (the outer-boundary)

    The body of the black as a fig (the presence of self)

    (Nine parts) (Six parts) the black is like the self as being the ninth part and that part is made up of six parts like the sis instinctive actions.

    That's one of my own interpretation of the symbol of the Imposable object, scholar's would not speak things like this they would describe the Imposable object in a different way but I like thinking about things my way.

    In this topical expression I pronounced the (SX) via 4 - Point:3 Point:4 Point:5 Point:6 ,it well could have been SO via 4 - Point:6 Point:7 Point:8 Point:9 , or SP via 4 - Point:9 Point:1 Point:2 Point:3

    Or unbiased via 4 - (-1-4-7- triangle) (-2-5-8- triangle) 4 - (-3-6-9- triangle) (central component: synergetic unification point of all three triangles) working within , with all parts as a void a space for Soul with the transaction.

    The Soul reminds us that we have come full circle because we started with one vibrating circle with a meditative space at its centre as being the false true Self.

    Experience, (I realise my eyes towards my eye brows) , it can be thought of in so many ways I think out loud within my own mind (as I shake my head from side to side in short motions.

    This symbol could also be interpreted inversely as also a symbol of the Instincts.

    ....... SO ------------ SP

    ................... SX

    Implicate motivation's (the six point figure) law of Severn "Time"


    Explicate behaviour's (the primary triangle) law of Three "Causality"

    ................... 9

    6 .................................. 3

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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Yes the examples above, of Mal and Padma and Tom remind me of the self as a single (( one ring vibrating )) trying to be hole or seen to be hole or reach the full a wear state in the now unsuccessfully. But that said with a consideration that recognises that what they maybe expressing is of value I not saying there out there wrong on there own tangent, trying to convince just that there stressing a view in the now that is endeavouring to be convincing. Three pars trying to be four parts or one ring trying to be three rings. Even Russ has a bit of it going on when he is receiving dictation, the self seeks to create holiness or hopes or longs to partake within it in the now although he maybe receiving input from the Imposable object within, or experiencing the miraculous as he extends his teachings, it's not always easy to comment correctly on another experience that they are experiencing. It's kinda like splitting attention between being the explainer conveying a message about the explained and or the splitting of attention between being the explainer and presence that is being utilised to extend input in order to explain.

    The focus of splitting attention is an art that utilises the two NF functions at point nine in unison Fe-Ni and Ne-Fi as you can see there are four ingredients Fi and Fe and Ni and Ne, if they are not expressed in there correct coding for during the utilisation within the transaction then the individuals expression can seem strained or a little of key. Get it right and the power is palpable or amazing to witness because you are receptive to the expression of the the law of three in action within another.

    I would semester the correct order is Fi-Ne Ni-Fe as in a dual action utilising last and right brain in the now moment. The remaining 16 are utilised in the language of the Idea or concept being expressed outwardly/ communicated or thought within.

    It is posable to hear thought of some one who is alive with presence or to hear the thought of another while alive with presence, or even communicate or connect with an other over vast distances via the the aliveness of the inner energy of presence this is partly what is so miraculous about Presence, it is an action of a spiritual order intuition of a spiritual order.

    When we make the law of three happen within via sensing thinking and feeling we can manifest intuitions of a spiritual order, that is the miraculous the miraculous we are in search of, well at lest some of us are in search of reconnecting with this innate ability some people are fearful of this innate power and replace the any a weakness of with thinking that generates a form of self power that is beleave to be not fearful but confident and In control of that is normal supposably.
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    Default KitchenFly's laboratory for the exploration of number patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by strychnine View Post
    Haha yeah it does. It also screams dominant Pe/ExxP type!
    The catatonic, would you agree that it is Ni after being frustratingly Ti a Ti that has more than one secondary like expression cognitive focus like expression?

    Dose the Ti and Ti act like two players arguing and presenting differing options view points examples?

    Dose it seem as if Fi is whaling and evaluating the inner dialogue dual conversational role play? And can Nj be a trigger after Ni considers a bought and if so is there a subtle shift. A transformation of the Nj-"Ni"
    To an other form of Ni reactive or catatonic or dreamy as in a lucid reflective visual like trance that seems to be processing as as (Si--Ni).

    If you are a Self Preservation instinctive type a Sp/So then the one fix maybe the energy of the instinct quoter of your energy.

    You may like to reflect in this way, see the Sp instinct as being the point three point of your inner triangle as if it were your own inner point three and the So instinct component energy as being your Point six of your inner triangle the Sx as being the Point nine of your inner triangle.

    The easiest way I understand the action of having two wings is by understanding that each Of the nine points has three actions the action of two wings and an instinctive drive energy.

    The 1:fix most likely be your phycology flowing through the top of the point:1 triangle and the other two components of that triangle will be the wing energies of 1w2 & 1w9. An easy way of thinking about the cognitive activity driving the facet of your phycology is by thinking of a proses of flow a considering and assessing flow that goes 9-1-2 present, as in three energies three filtering steps as an idea is being created to be put forward, put forward as the fourth step Point three.

    So there are four energies flowering the creation of the expression. It is done as an automatic trance a repetitive action. See if you can generate enough presence to witness the construct under pinning the trance action, 9-1-2-(3).

    And then look at the other two actions 3-4-5-(6) and 6-7-8-(9).

    And I bet you smile because you will understand more about the general basic structure of the two type Severn structures, or the type Severn energy.

    Test question

    What is the structural difference between the 7w8 and the 7w6 in relation to the four step action?

    Is the answer A or B or C

    A) -the four step structures flow in the same direction 9-1-2-(3) and 3-4-5-(6) and 6-7-8-(9) for 7w6 and 9-1-2-(3) and 3-4-5-(6) and 6-7-8-(9) for 7w8.

    B) -the four step structure flows in two directions and able to state at any of the three key four step starting points, 6-7-8-(9) and 9-1-2-(3) 3-4-5-(6) for the 7w6. And 9-8-7-(6) and 6-5-4-(3) and 3-2-1-(9) for the 7w8.

    C) -nether of the above are correct KitchenFly must of landed in a bowl of crack cocaine and is obviously wicked of his nut.

    Your answer?

    And for the fun of it how about if we finish pattern by honouring the the components SP, SX, SO. and note what is one of the fundamental differentiation between the three instincts and the six variant instinctual energies by asking a yes or no answer.

    Do all three instinct energies have the following dynamic action as a primary fundamental stable action.

    - SX can travel in a dual direction and dose travel in four directions:
    3-4-5-(6) & 6-5-4-(3) and 9-1-2-(3) & 9-8-7-(6).

    - SO can travel in a dual direction and dose travel in four directions:
    6-7-8-(9) & 9-8-7-(6) and 3-4-5-(6) & 3-2-1-(9).

    - SP can travel in a dual direction and dose travel in four directions:
    9-1-2-(3) & 3-2-1-(9) and 6-5-4-(3) & 6-7-8-(9).

    Your answer?

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