Enneagram-Spirituality: The Hornevian Groups and the Imbalance of the Centers

Exercises for the Withdrawn Types – Getting in touch with the body and the world

  • Practice looking around you and doing what needs to be done. Pick up the pop can, throw it in the recycling. Clean your room. Fix the car. You CAN make a difference to those around you.
  • Move your body. Feel your body. Dance, walk, do Tai Chi, learn Martial Arts, do Dance Dance Revolution on the Play Station. Swim and feel the water on your skin. Breathe.
  • Get out and be with people once in a while. People probably like being around you.
  • Learn to take pride in your accomplishments.
  • Speak up for yourself. If this is impossible, take an assertiveness training class.
  • If you meditate, make it an active form, such as walking meditation. Keep your eyes slightly open, so you don’t completely tune out the world.
  • Express your rich inner lives in the form of music, art, writing, or poetry and show it to people.

I do these things.