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    The Green Jolly Robin H.
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    thank you...that makes sense. I haven't had much time to read up on enneagram. At first it repulsed me but it's been growing on me. Soon I will though. I've read a ton on mbti..still doesn't make me a pro. Your response got me thinking deeper.

    thanks. I was thinking of the enneagram as another mini cube on the rubrics cube of personality but unconsciously made them the same so thanks for putting that in to perspective.

    I might still be a 613 after-all...however I have to take some more quizzes and do some more research. I do feel inadequate sometimes when I procrastinate and my work output isn't heavy and it can ruin my mood for days. That being said, I'm not exactly the J.R.R. Tolkien of working and my work ethic definitely isn't "The Lord of the Rings," of work ethics.

    I appreciate your responses as I piece this together.

    I may start reading about other members types to get a clearer picture. I'll start with 5w4
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    I agree with that quiz' results for me too but I can see why people might think its limited.

    Taking a concept to it's logical end is rarely logical or relevant to the subject at hand.
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    I don't trust this quiz. It consistently tells me I'm a 4w3, 6w5, 1w9. It's pretty close on the head and gut, but I am most definitely NOT a 4.
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