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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcana View Post
    Just a heads up, the link in the OP is outdated and gives people the "You've already taken this survey" result. @highlander, perhaps you could edit it with the up to date link instead?
    Thank you. It's fixed now.

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    So far I have hundreds of responses but not all combinations. I really hope to have enough examples to be able to add greater insights to these systems...

    Focus of Study
    The focus of this research is an ongoing study of the Enneagram Types, which when correlated with Tritype, Instinctual Type and MBTI, produce predictable patterns of thinking, perceiving and behaving, that can potentially explain the sources of common mistyping, and/or differences within type.

    My interest is in gaining a rich and complex understanding of people’s experience of being their Enneagram Type, Tritype, Instinctual Type and MBTI and the meaning they assign to these types rather than simply validating a theory or hypothesis. The approach I prefer is mostly focused on the social constructivist paradigm, which stresses the socially constructed nature of reality as an ongoing, dynamic process. It is about recording, analyzing and attempting to uncover the deeper meaning and significance of human behavior and experience, including contradictory beliefs, behaviors and emotions.

    The Process
    This research is both qualitative and quantitate in approach. I do not base my research on pre-determined hypotheses, nevertheless, I am guided by an overarching theory that a correlation between these systems exists, which provided a general basis for my investigation.

    I prefer this type of data collection and analysis because it is methodical but allows for greater flexibility than quantitative research. Most of the data is collected in the form of questions, observation and interaction with the participants e.g. through participant interviews and/or focus groups.

    I believe that people are always trying to give meaning to their experiences. Therefore, I have not found it useful to limit a study to my view or understanding of the situation as I learn the most from the experiences of the participants. As a result, the methods I use are more open-ended and more exploratory (particularly when very little is known about a particular subject). This way, I am free to go beyond the initial response that the participant gives and to ask why, how, in what way, etc., and then tailor follow up questions to the participant’s responses.

    If you are willing to participate, this is the link:

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    Thank you so much for your participation. I very much appreciate the time you took to fill out the survey.

    With hundreds of responses, I feel there is a very specific flavor of those that are willing to participate in this type of study. I also have found that there are some really meaningful responses that will further our understanding of all of the types within their respective systems. With greater numbers, we can further confirm these findings and discover additional nuances of all of these types and how they may influence one another.

    So far, the results are consistent with prior international studies I have conducted...with this study having the highest representation of international participants.

    I now wish to find the types (in all categories and areas of the world) that are not represented or have a small number of participants.

    These are the participants that do not generally participate for a number of reasons and I always need to find and then interview.[]

    Every study is flawed in some way so I always attempt to see the biases and/or flaws in each study and then use those weaknesses as one focal point of the study. I first note the initial study results and then find participants and categories not represented to more accurately represent the types (in all of the categories)… i.e. those that do not like to participate in studies and those that would not even seek self help systems.

    All of these processes take time but are well worth the investment of time and energy. Both ends of the spectrum yield meaningful results... I learn a great deal about the inner workings of the types that are underrepresented just as much as those that readily share. It just takes additional work to find the underrepresented.

    So, I again, thank all of you that have participated and encourage those of you that haven't to do so to further our understanding of the types by having your views and types represented. Remember that you can choose to be anonymous by using the link rather than the invitation. Or, if you wish to be interviewed anonymously you can create a gmail address. In the comments box simply state that you hate to participate in studies and why. In this way, your results are included as someone that does not like
    to participate but are willing to do so for the data to be included in the study.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just for fun… Which types in any category, geographical areas, or languages, do you think have the highest percentages of participants in this research study? And which have the lowest number of participants? List your thoughts as to the top 3 and the bottom 3.

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    Dear Fellow Enthusiasts,

    To date, in three weeks time, almost 900 people have taken the Enneagram Type, Tritype, Instinctual Type and MBTI Survey. Participants are all ages, from all over the world and from divergent schools of thought.

    Of interest, is that the response ratios to the questions remain the same and are consistent with each of my earlier research studies. In addition, the current 900 participants have the same demographics and types as the first 100. This further demonstrates “who” is most likely to be interested in the field of self-help and the study of personality typing….and would also be willing to fill out a survey.

    Now that I have this initial data, I can move to phase 2. In an effort to have all of the Enneagram Types, Tritypes, Instinctual Types and MBTI Types, nationalities and parts of the world represented, I need your help with phase 2.

    In phase 2, I am asking for assistance collecting participants that are the types that are the least represented so far. In addition to your participation with the survey, it would be very helpful if you would encourage family members, colleagues, students and friends to participate. Please post the link below wherever you think it might interest other fellow enthusiasts. I am hoping for an even larger sample size to capture, as may variables as possible. With broader and deeper representations of each type in each category on the survey, there will be wonderful opportunities to learn important nuances of the types.

    It would be helpful to have more data from:
    Types: 3s and 8s
    Tritypes: 137,268, 368,
    Instincts: Social and especially anti-social
    Native American Indians
    African Americans
    Asian Countries overall
    Eastern Europe
    Central and South America
    Northern and Central Africa
    Pacific Islanders

    The link to participate:
    Survey : Greeting

    If you use this link you will be anonymous. So, if you are willing to be interviewed by email (if you are among others with a shared pattern), remember to add your email in the box of the final question.

    If you need an enneagram test code to determine your potential tritype…
    Go to: Enneagram Test, free online personality test to find your type
    Your free test code is: 3study2014 It is good for 2 weeks.
    Without you, this research would not be possible….Thanks so very much!
    Katherine Chernick Fauvre

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