So title says it all, i was really into enneagram before and was crazy sure i am a 3 but it turned out - NOPE... i dno, i had so many 3 characteristics but looking back it was because i was in such family and it was expected from me to be that way. i was always underachiever for my talents and success is my motivation only for a very brief time if never, and usually to get what i want aka more pleasure and less work and obligations.
lately i've been reading on enneagram and i cant believe how 7 is spot on in depth, its actually painful to read it because i have no clue how to change that.
i am so scattered in 100 directions and i just turned 28 yet i have nooo absolutely nooo idea what i want, i keep changing directions, i am good in many stuff but that doesnt help because they become boring. very. very. fast.

i try to have fun from the moment i wake up to the time i go to sleep which is of course not very realistic.