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    Would you be a 964 by the way?
    Thank you @Abendrot. I don't know. I feel a strong connection with 4, especially when younger, say before age 40. If 9 is true of me, it is hard-won rather than intrinsic. The external tranquility, though - a bit like a swan gliding seemingly effortless but paddling furiously below the surface. I think my husband's family and culture is 6, and my background more like 5 or 9. Becomes hard to untangle the various influences over time. I read somewhere that one should reply in the way that seemed right when you were under age 25. Is that the general approach? Does finding one's Tritype work on the same principle?

    Fragmented and intensly whole -
    Content and wise and desolate -
    Too much trouble to notice, or know.
    How does one know what fits properly and what is wishful thinking? It's strange, because I know deep down that INFP is right though I'm maybe not typical (several out-of-preference T scores in the Step 2). Which might tend me towards 964 or 946. I relate to the inner sense of division, expecially when in my 20s.

    I'm reading through the rest of the 27 (my brain getting full of too many words! ) and now wonder about 259 and 459. Which would mean I'm in the wrong thread and should enquire elsewhere? I could print out the 27 as 'cards' and sort them in order of what feels right... I keep leaving it to one side, hoping that next time when I read the right answer will pop out!
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    Hmmm.... Core 9 is painfully obvious to me by now, as well as 4 being quite likely, but I have yet to know my head-fix for sure. This tritype really resonates with me, though? A constant doubting of self and others is a thing, though I don't think I am a really dependable person, I fear intimacy and having other people's trust and burdens on me because I feel like I would fail? Would that lead more towards 7? I am not exactly a "positive thinker" though....

    Humankind is the one to 'domesticate' other beings and has most problem with 'domesticating' themselves.

    I only know that I really don't know anything and you probably don't too.

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    if I hopefully got it right this time

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    964 sp/so here.

    Triple doubting fits me well. I doubt others, I doubt ideas, I doubt myself over and over and again and am one of the most indecisive people I know cause of it. It can be my feelings, whether something I did is good or not, what my favorite things are, etc.

    I feel like I'm in a conflict with myself. My reactive 4 and 6 are angsty and want to vent, but my 9 makes me casually shove all my feelings inside to avoid drama and vulnerability(SP too I think). So usually I'm optimistic and chill on the outside, but on the inside is a swarm of anxiety. Also, double attachment and 4 feels kind of weird. My 4 wants to have a unique identity, and my 6 and 9 are like, "Meh, I'm just a plain old average gal." My 4 makes me search for my identity, and yet it's hard to find my identity cause I'm go with the flow and interested in so many things. It's hard to slap a label on myself, but I guess I don't need to.

    "The 964 is plagued with indecision too and can look like a 6 but they are not as inclined to seek opinions from others. They just avoid the conflict hoping it will resolve itself." That's super me. I'm often swimming in indecision, and yet I don't go to many people when I'm doing so because I feel more secure dealing with things on my own, which is mostly about vulnerability and privacy. My 6 is always worrying about things going wrong, but my 9 saves the day and thinks everything will work out eventually.

    The name "Seeker", I don't mind that nickname. I'm someone who has a thirst for knowledge of all kinds, and I wonder who I am a lot, what my place is in the world.
    Paws off my Amethyst!



    "You are an experience. Make sure that you are a good experience."
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