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    3w4 sp/sx
    SEE Fi


    Reactive, combative and "sociable" ESFP says hi.

    Hur, I've been through abuse so I must be an 8.

    Hurr, I put value on class and efficiency so I must be a 3.

    Hurrr, I am clingy and combative at the same time so I must be a 6.

    Hurrrr, I want to experience all of life so I must be an ESP 7.

    Hurrrrr, just because I answer to the point in my video means I'm ISTJ.

    Hurrrrrr, just because I seem caring and understanding means I'm ISFJ.

    Hurrrrrrr, insert other's opinion of my type in here.
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    9w1 sx/so
    EII Ne


    Hey guys, 6w5 INFP here! I have conflicting tendencies to associate closely with others and avoid them at the same time, all the while seeking security through both actions. I'm also committed to specific moral and ethical beliefs, and am capable of defending underdogs to the death.
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    7w6 sx/so


    Hey, I'm an sx/so because I value connecting with people more than learning about the social scene around me.

    Hey, I'm a 2w3 because I get really emotional over the thought of not being loved (like a good amount of the population does). I'm also very friendly and nice to people, outgoing and cheerful, and I enjoy being liked.

    Hey, I'm an ESFP because a barrage of people telling me I didn't seem like an ENFP made me cave in. I'm more outgoing and talkative, and I appear less thoughtful so I'm obviously S>N (okay this one wasn't my line of reasoning haha). Ne creates much weirder connections and Se is more straightforward, my thoughts aren't "abstract" enough to be Ne.

    Hey, I'm 728 because I'm self-assertive and enjoy combativeness much more than a 729. I'm less "in the background" and more dominant and controlling with my presence in relation to my environment. and 728 could still be possibilities really. so i might come back to this later and be like oops hehe
    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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    4w5 sp/sx
    IEI Ni


    When I was new to MBTI:

    INTP - I do not make decisions or form beliefs based on emotions. I analyze everything and have a cool exterior in person. I am a bookish know-it-all who gets obsessed with theoretical things & who squirms at cheesy sentimental displays from others (read: Fe annoys me sometimes). I cannot be a Feeling type, and I always test as INTP, so I guess this personality system is lame since INTP is not that great a fit but still the best one. INFP is waaaaay too saccharine, irrational, and people-pleasing to be my type.

    Considered 5w4 due to stereotypes about 4s being flamboyant drama queens (turns out those are mistyped 7s :P ).

    Considered & suggested as being sx/sp due to preoccupation with finding a romantic partner. I just call that e4 INFP.

    It is rarely suggested to me that I am anything other than INFP e4, but the few times it has been suggested:

    ISFP - because I like fashion & makeup & have a good sense of aesthetics, and INFPs are supposed to find that shallow
    ISTJ - I have a good memory for tangible details, in response to a post where I state that I am doing an exercise in recalling details because I rarely review concrete/factual stuff. I also write too much in "essay style". Apparently, INFPs are not articulate writers anymore.
    ENFP - too feisty or harsh Te (or something like that) to be an INFP
    INFJ - people in person mistype me as this because they think of all INFPs as 9s. They think I am too decisive & not nicey-nice enough to be INFP. I guess they think "J" means more backbone & sharp edges.
    NTP - too "harsh" and argumentative to be an NFP

    6 - I belong to an organized religion (albeit not a very mainstream one), can be a know-it-all & argumentative, and apparently work too hard to cover all my bases (nope, I'm long-winded cuz I have a constant influx of new ideas & tend to add content to clarify as I go; not trying to patch any possible holes for fear of attack)
    4w3 - the fashion thing again, seeking more connection to the outside world with age (I call that getting healthier)
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    9w1 sx/sp


    ISTP: Because F's are nice and Fi doms are empathetic. As well as fitting the stereotype of silent, un-empathetic, sporty girl who tears all her toys to shreds trying to figure out how they work, as a child.

    INFP: Because S's are normal and simple minded. Also because ISFP's cannot operate within the abstract realm of written language whatsoever.

    INTP: I must be something inbetween?

    ESFP: Social anxiety can be confusing, but I most definitely do not lead with Se. However, because I can be talkative(which has nothing to do with how extraverted or introverted someone is by the way) and prone to rambling(look at this post), blunt like a baseball bat, as well as have a fucked up sense of humor and can on occasion be aggressive, I must be an ESFP. I did consider this because I wanted to explore a slightly more abstract explanation/option, but I can confidently conclude that I am not nor have I ever been an ESFP, especially not IRL. It was an interesting take though. It is hard for me to trust such a simple conclusion, but the simple explanation seems to be the correct one this time around.

    7w6: Hahahahaha. What?! (Because I can fake cheerful and energetic sometimes, I guess? I deal with my anxiety this way, by actively working against it and forcing myself to act in such a way. It's the complete opposite of my natural state/personality.) Why do I come across so different online?

    Cp6w7: Reactive(disintegrated). I also apparently come across as an ambivert online due to rambling, and addiction to this website, despite being extremely introverted(not shy anymore, and not because of anxiety, actually just very introverted). No existential anxiety, no desire to rebel against authority simply because it is authority.

    3w4: Too edgy to be 4w3 (I'm not super edgy IRL).

    4w5: Emo. Speshul. I want to be real and place a very high value on sincerity.

    4w3: Not inclined towards intellectualizing everything, but still emo. Also, the aforementioned sincerity thing once more. Sx e4 descriptions have always fit oddly perfectly.

    8w7: When all I knew was what an enneagram looked like. How the fuck did I get myself to buy this for more than 5 minutes?

    So/sx: Pretty much because of the same thing as 7w6. Oh if only the people who thought this could see me IRL. I am aware that it's not a good way to be, but the world could literally burn down and I would not care whatsoever, as long as my loved ones as well as myself, were safe. I don't care about issues or the rest of the world outside from me at all. I find group interaction unappealing and unsatisfying. I wish to live apart from the rest of the world, and in a sense I do. I'm certain this was done based on stereotype that one time I nervously acted outside of myself. Which, is not at all reflective of the way I usually act. That seemed to be too superficial an assessment to be accurate, this is one of those times first impressions are wrong.

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    I'm a 5w4 INTP because I'm always analyzing the shit out of everything wake up thinking about thinking and go to sleep thinking about thinking, hate people, and have a creative, artsy side due to my 4 wing. I can improvise in a jam and pride myself on my ability to think of solutions and things which seem to elude others around me which MUST equal some strong Ne.
    "our preferences do not determine what's true." -Sagan

    "I know you just want to know more, the problem is that people think their box of answers is perfect for everyone else." -Forever


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    I've had others mistype me as 7w6, 7w8, ESTP, ENTP, INTP, and ask if I'm sure I'm not really an 8w9

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    4w5 sx/so


    I have never core Enneagram mistyped, but didn't know about the system until I was relatively healthy so I suppose that could be why. I also have a wealth of unhealthy history/experience to compare with descriptions.

    I did think I was Sx/Sp until recently realizing I am Sx/So though. I was sure I must be So-last because I view myself as somewhat socially challenged.

    IRL the only times anyone has questioned my type:
    - a friend and her husband have believed I am 5w4, since 4 just can't be so analytical or prone to obsession.
    - An e1 colleague at one point thought I must be a 1-- I think in part to flatter herself, and in part because she didn't realize 4 integrates to 1.
    - Recently another colleague asked me if I identified as an 8, which I found funny until she said it was because I'd used the word "challenge" when describing my leadership style. Haha, what?
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    :-( None


    Hi, I'm Sanjuro, and I am a 4w5. I guess.

    Hell, maybe I'm a 5w4. I am withdrawn, introverted, misanthropic, have no friends, am incapable of social skills, and am curious about literally everything under the sun. I live in a state of social isolation and feel like life is something I watch on TV. I forget I have a physical body and forget to eat. I wish I could be mind and spirit! Sure I have no respect for book learning and I'm a bit on the openly- emotional and melodramatic side...but what are you gonna do?

    Hey, I'm a 7w8. Never considered that before because I'm not one of those people who is always happy. But I'm multitalented and quick; my moods are mercurial, I live in denial of my own misery (at times), and I love butterflies, rainbows, hot air balloons, and bright colors. I live in terror that others will find out I'm incompetent and just bullshitting them with charm and ability to talk my way into and out of things. I'm constantly trying new things and moving to where the grass is greener... (Actually these are not bad reasons for typing at 7. But it couldn't mask the fact that my sense of reality and my own negativity were far to strong.)

    Hi, I'm 6w5 because I'm doubting the other types. I'm melodramatic, anti-intellectual, and far too negative. I am contradictory as fuck and can see what might go wrong in a given situation. I can be a devil's advocate. Sure, I identify with almost nothing I read about 6, but most 6s are too stupid to see they're 6s right? Most 6s don't see themselves in the descriptions because all descriptions are crap and have nothing to do with reality. That's what they're telling me on PersonalityCafe, and the entrenched oligarchy there knows more than I do and they are all adamant I'm a 6. My own family thinks I'm a 6. Sure, they don't know the enneagram, and I only showed them ocean moonshine's descriptions and even then, only had them choose between 4 and 6. But they still chose 6 for me. PROOF. I CAN WILL IT TO BE. I can't be anything else.

    Im 641 tritype! I'm pissed off about everything that's wrong with planet earth and I am fussy about details. I'm uptight and others think I'm "morally focused". I have to be 1-fixed then. I'm sure as hell not an 8-fixed 6. But I am a 6. I have to be.

    Hi, I'm 4w5 because I hate this type and it's everything that's messed up about me. I lived in denial for so many years because I hate 4s so much. I'm an outsider who feels sorry for herself entirely too often, lives through waves of suicidal depression and lonliness, and believes she is ugly, disgusting, and contaminating. I wish I were royalty and hate superficial people, even though dreaming of the aristocracy totally isn't superficial. Ideal love and all my emotions are bullshit, and I have no desire to explore these things but...close enough right? TYPE 4 IS WHY I SUCK.

    Edit: Ah JCF.

    I'm an ISTP because I always test that way and Myers-Briggs is crap anyway. Boooooring.

    I'm an ENTP because I obviously am.

    I'm an INFP because I'm a 4 and im obviously introverted. I'm fi- dom because I feel strongly about things and value certain things in my life. Yet, I seem like a thinker. Everyone seems to think my fi is blatantly obvious. I definitely wouldn't be an ENTP.


    I'm sx-last because relationships are bullshit and I'm not dependent on some man. I'm not batshit enough,or awesome enough, or intense enough, to be remotely sx.

    I'm sp/sx because I'm introverted and stay in my house a lot. I am incapable of networking and feel "not part of".


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    3w2 so/sp


    Hi, I'm a 6w7 I love routine and tend to be pretty anxious when things don't go according to plan. But, I'm also a bit of an adrenaline junkie and love a good thrill once in awhile.

    Hi, I'm an ENFJ. I can be pretty intense about things I'm passionate about and I'm also a natural leader. I must be an N because I actually question my values and don't float through life according to social customs.
    Friends, waffles, work

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