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    Quote Originally Posted by collierm48 View Post
    Nate Robinson
    Due to his height, I have to say he's one of the most skilled players in the nba, he is currently the shortest player in the nba.

    He has never consistly started on a team, and has always changed teams a lot.
    He made his own series that he puts up on youtube. He has 3 seasons.

    His play style is selfish, and all though he has a big heart, he is hard to coach because he isn't a good team player. When he plays, its obvious that he wants to show the world how talented he is at 5'9.

    He is a 3 time dunk contest winner.

    Instead of establishing himself as a point guard and sticking to one team (like his good friend Isiah Thomas) Nate is more content sticking to the play style he likes, and doing things to get more public recognition as an individual.

    As a teammate, he isn't very good, but as an individual Nate has made sure that he is very well known. There is absolotely no one in the nba that has accomplished as little as him as an nba player, that is simultaneously as well known as Nate.

    He is the most obvious 4 that I can think of. Nick Young is another one.

    On another note, Lebron is an obvious 3w4.
    Thanks for sharing. Wow that was awesome. Don't know anything about the NBA.

    From time to time I always feel that E4 is a great type to be considering their need for originality in self/establishing their image. Interpretation could have been wrong. Don't burn me alive folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    I've always been athletic, but not into team sports. I think that has more to my being social last than anything, though.
    Welcome back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by collierm48 View Post
    I dont think a lot of you get what an SFP 4 looks like. If there's interest, I'll post some videos.
    Yes, I was thinking there could be a fair number of ISFP 4 athletes. My kid is an ISFP (not sure on etype yet) and he is extremely talented when it comes to sports.

    I don't know his etype, but Corey Brewer, who plays for the timberwolves, I've seen him play a bit and he is for sure an ISFP. For one, he totally reminds me of my kid and I actually feel a connection to him when I watch him, which is rare for me with professional athletes.

    I can think of a lot of ISFP skateboarders. Again, not sure on etypes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud of Thunder View Post
    Fours are often thought of (stereotyped) as artists or art appreciators, but I wonder if there are any famous athletes who are 4's.
    The Enneagram should look at core fears and desires; not potential careers.

    The artist stereotype is quite inaccurate, as other types, especially 6s and 7s, have been artistic. Mozart is my favourite composer and he was a flaming 7w6. I prefer "Romantic" as a word to describe the 4 (and the archetype is the 4w3 sx). The reason for this is that the Romantic movement was saturated by 4s. Just read anything by Keats or Byron, look at the paintings of Caspar Wilhelm Friedrich, or listen to music by Beethoven, Chopin and Schumann.

    However, in other periods of time, art has not been dominated by 4s.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud of Thunder View Post
    Can any of you think of any 4 athletes, past or present, and the sport they practice?
    Nope, but does that surprise you?

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