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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    Why do you call your emotions a chemical imbalance ? Do you think life's more fun as a robot ?
    Good question. The answer is that I have Melancholic depression with periodic major depressive episodes. I also have Complex post-traumatic stress disorder which makes me a bit bat shit crazy in the anxiety zone, if triggered. Other than that, I am a highly passionate, emotional creature that feels music while writing an inspiring idea, uses color to manipulate my mood, and cannot exist without the right ambience in my environment. I get overstimulated easily too so, managing the "correct" feel of the stimuli is important. I would never change any of this, just the negative or flat-lined stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyRain View Post
    It stands to reason that chemical imbalances and mental/emotional health issues effect the results of Enneagram types. My question is to what degree. There are things written on unhealthy types verses healthy types but what if the enneagram "personality" of an individual can jump around according to mood/emotion state and mental/chemical interactions. I am having the worst time with this. I have a chemical imbalance that effects mood and anxiety (looks like a 6) but, it is not at all who I am; I'm sure of it. I am highly intellectual and have my feet firmly planted in what I "know" to be true (very much a 5) but was never this until after having to hold my own with my current husband, as a means to not be overtaken by his aggressive emotionally-fueled logic and reason stances he wields like a weapon in order to maintain control. I'm a bit of a 4 as well but, more from the emotional aspect of things. It's almost as if I arrange my environment to support the emotions I am trying to encourage, though the artist in me got buried by my mother who opposes such "fruitless endeavors". At one point I would have made myself a 9 but, I have learned that controversy can be a catalyst for growth. Help. I think I am so lost that I'll never find a starting point in sorting through it. Oh, One big thing about me. I cannot express what is going on in me through verbal means but, I can through written. I am good at painting and emotional and experiential landscape (and writing in general) allowing for an experience of the emotional, visual, and conceptual worlds I find myself swimming through (introvert). Anyway, again, help
    My Ex-GF is a type 3w2/ISFJ.

    For years, I suffered in this relationship with her during her time of the month. Hormones and chemical sensitivities are something she acknowledges in her self.

    For years, I thought the solution was on her to take a pill.

    Reality is, she's human, you know? MY problem in this was my type 2 neediness and co-dependency on her to always be 110%. She could never have a bad day.

    Also, as is her type, she has no problems focusing (appearing withdrawn to me), as well as withdrawing to recharge; effectively needing periods of alone time just for her (the "I" in MBTI).

    Obviously, knowing all of this now is moot. But for 5 years we would beat each other up, not really understanding what drove our needs and compulsions.

    The moral, it may be all inter-related, because I dated someone who WAS sensitive during times of chemical changes, and had her own set of needs. But those align with the expectations of her personality in two typology systems. Down to the letter. Perhaps it's the chemical change that triggers that need, because she'd have no problem being the 110% any other time of the month.

    Guess it's how you choose to look at it. Back then, I'd crucify her, blaming her for wanting to act on the needs of her personality. Today, I view it as part of the woman I still love, and part of what makes her uniquely her; embracing her personality and what drives it.

    John Legend said it best.. "Perfect in her imperfections.".

    It just took losing her to get to that point.
    Jorge (RiftsWRX)

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