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    Default Type 2w3s who suffer from dependency, enmeshment, and anxiety in romance.

    Would you share your story about a relationship that ended up enmeshed? Did you pull through? How did you grow past your fears of abandonment and not being worthy of being loved? What type of support did your partner give you to nurture you, but not enable you? What type of help pulled you through into healthier states?

    I'm in that boat now (somewhere between a health level of 6-8 right now), and am sick of feeling this way. Any stories or words from my peers would be appreciated.

    Jorge (RiftsWRX)

    Enneagram: 2w3 - Sexual Variant
    M-B: ESFJ
    Socionics: ESE (ESFj)
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    Accept the situation exactly as it is, realize that there is nothing you can do to make things any different, and then LET GO! It has nothing to do with your partner supporting you or not, nothing to do with your worth as a human being or love. Meditate, self affirm, and let go. And then get busy doing your own thing, hang out with your freinds, take up a hobby something you have always wanted to do but never actually actualized. I took graphic art and photography classes. Enmeshment is the problem of being overly concerned with your partner and the state of your relationship, LET GO of trying to fix or change your partner or the relationship and redirect your focus onto actualizing yourself instead.

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