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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great One View Post
    @Magic Qwan

    Yep, that's a classic self preservation 6 move: They try to get people to like them, try to create as non-hostile of an environment as they can, try to be warm and friendly to everyone, and they often times try to disarm people with humor. Another thing they often do is that they often make fun of themselves in order to make other people laugh.
    Even ENTP, huh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great One View Post

    Personally I think that what it's more about for social 6's is finding some type of large group that will allow them to do good (super-ego) deeds. I believe that they look for some type of higher authority or group to allow them to achieve their humanitarian goals. For instance, I would think that most social 6's would look towards things like religion, charity groups, the peace corp, etc., in order to achieve their goals.
    That may be very true! I feel that groups allow me to contribute to a bigger, better result than I could achieve by myself.

    They also help give me direction and structure, which I am not very good at implementing, myself. I think 6s tend to work better with pre-existing structures than building from the ground up. Not that we necessarily agree with or like the structure - we may seek to reform it - but it's still easier than building our own.

    I will admit that it's probably the so/sp 6's that tend to have the more blind obedience. You probably tend to break the rules a lot more because of your secondary sx variant which is much more counter-phobic.
    Maybe so? I do not think I know any so/sp 6s off the top of my head. But I am hesitant to say if anyone blindly follows rules... and 6s tend to be so overanalytical that it is hard for me to picture a 6 not giving any thought to the rules they are following. It seems like to me usually people have reasons to follow them, even if they're not reasons we would agree with ourselves. I feel like most people will break rules if they feel like the gain of breaking them is worth the risk. I could see why many 6s would be into minimizing risk and therefore following rules as much as possible, though.

    As for sx... totally... I think I have fairly strong sx especially because I am so skeptical of authority. Not that I am against authorities - I have great respect for some of them - but I am very independent in the sense that I very consciously choose my alignments and I do not trust authority without examining its reasons for existing and acting first. I think I gave my ISFJ a good scare when I told him that I don't feel the need to follow laws. That's true in the purest sense, that I don't feel compelled to obey someone else's standards unless I examine them and find them ethical and reasonable. Fortunately I do find 99.9% of laws ethical and reasonable, so I'm cool with obeying them. I just feel like my own ethical sense is what I follow first and foremost, especially because it is the individual ethical senses of individuals that keep our public systems in check, ideally preventing them from taking a popular but harmful position and running with it. IMO it is the prerogative if not duty of each member of any group - including human civilization at large - to keep an eye on the behavior of the whole.

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