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    I don't really buy into this theory. As a child I was a very responsive child while my parents were neutral, perhaps some what active. This would make me type 2 or 1, which is quite funny because I've definitely never even thought that I could be a 2.
    Since my parents were very absent (in a parenting way), I never bothered with getting their attention. I never felt like they even wanted to give me some of their time, even when they were home and had some time to share. I saw them every day but they were there in the same way the fridge was in the kitchen. Since I could take care of myself, my mother put whatever efforts she had on my younger sibling (and that turned into an other disaster). I've never been "empathetic" and I probably never will be. I've always done things the way I want to and whenever I want to, and of course my people skills are not very good.
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    I grew up mostly with only my mother as a parent. I was the Active Child, she was the Neutral Parent. Very sad to read that one description in particular actually. I remember that it made me cry the first time I read it. But I think genes play the biggest role in determining your type.

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    In my relationship with family and other close individuals, the active/neutral 4 description works. But when with people outside of my family, I turned all the way down to neutral with the inner active barely contained. It was and still is (to a lesser degree) an extreme and confusing split.
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    What years does this pertain to? Ages 3-8?

    More responsive than neutral.
    Mother: Responsive, present
    Father: Neutral, when present (work work work)

    Born and raised in Sweden by Greek father and Swedish mother.
    Swedish culture 11 months a year - but always feeling of inferiority by not being "truly" swedish with greek name.
    Greek culture 1 month a year - never learned greek well, feeling of not really belonging. Gently expected to be greek.

    Studies sponsored by parents. Wanted to thank them by being successful.

    Remember being quite criticizing and even bullying at school, aged 7-8 (Ni dom, Se inf?).
    Then I got glasses :-)
    Would this produce a 6 or 9? Or something else?
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    The 4 and 9 descriptions both fit. At my youngest, I was active and my mother was/is neutral. I used to do the most stupid, outrageous things to get her attention and she would just get irritated and ignore it. However, the neutral child/active parent description describes my relationship with my dad perfectly.

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