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    I am INTP, and Gemini Sun with Leo moon conjunct Leo Rising, and a 5/9 tie. All this rings true in what the first post states. And everyone saying this is all bullshit is sadly mistaken. If you are here in the first place, you cannot disregard such an old and highly regarded and used tool for your life. This is Typology, correct?
    Take this into account: The human body is composed of 55-78% water. The magnetic pull on Earth from our moon especially, as well as the rest of the solar system is a no-brainer. Look at the tides-how they rise and fall with magnetism. Look at how large the tides are. If you think something as small as a person cannot be affected, you are wrong. Our body is a vessel, just like Earth is a vessel, and they both contain water-being pulled by a large magnetism-therefore scientifically- we are affected by the moon more than any other planet, and that is exactly what astrology states. The moon is the planet of emotion. Whatever sign rules your moon-or where it was in the sky during your time of birth-during such a rude awakening to your first breath of life-you will be affected in that way forever. My moon is in Leo-so my first reaction to a stressful stimuli is over-reaction.
    Astrology is a map of the different planets' magnetism affect on your little body throughout your life. Way back when, people studied the skies and correlated the movements with disasters and triumphs-world or individual. This was a observe and report for thousands of years.
    If you cannot believe in astrology, I guess you can say women are not at all affected by their menstrual cycle as well then, huh?
    Moonstone3 Out!
    What is normal to one, is incomprehensible to another.

    ALL anger in this world stems from a lack of control.

    All of reality bows to the illusion of life and death.

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    Default 6-The observer

    Quote Originally Posted by chihuahuasrluv View Post
    My Enneagram is 6 but I'm an incredibly anxious person. If I wasn't I believe I would be a 3 or 9.
    6 is actually a very anxious type. One of my long known friends is a 6. She double checks her locks and doorknobs and is constantly asking me if she left her oven on when we leave. It is said that 6es constantly exhaust themselves by scanning their environment for danger. They experience criticism as attack, get nervous about authority figures and the more vulnerable they fell, the more anxious they become. I'm a 5/9 tie with 6 a point below them. I can understand. I attribute my great loyalty to this number, seeing through people, and being supportive.
    What is normal to one, is incomprehensible to another.

    ALL anger in this world stems from a lack of control.

    All of reality bows to the illusion of life and death.

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    Default n/a

    In response to Uberfuhrer, I really don't agree with the way you say that all ESTJs may be capricorns etc. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I know lots of ISFJs and they are all different star signs. If you know enough about MBTI then it's easy to type people based on the language used and then easier to see that for example not everyone who is an ESTJ is a capricorn. I would have typed Cesar Milan as an ESTJ and yet he is a Leo but perhaps I am wrong? Feel free to correct me

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    Fixed signs:

    Scorpio --> INFJ
    Taurus --> ISFJ
    Aquarius --> ENTJ
    Leo --> ESTJ


    Pisces --> INFP
    Virgo --> ISFP
    Gemini --> ENTP
    Sagittarius --> ESTP

    Cardinal (I have the hardest time with these, however) :

    Cancer --> ENFP/ENFJ
    Capricorn --> ESFP/ESFJ
    Libra --> INTP/INTJ
    Aries --> ISTP/ISTJ

    I hold the belief that your birthdate defines the sort of personality you have - not just your sign (so someone born October 24th may have a different personality than someone born November 15th. Check out TLC birthday astrology if you want to know more) but currently believe that those born on these specific dates of each sign should have these personality types. If anyone born on one the following doesn't or knows someone else born on one of the following who doesn't, please say so:

    Scorpios born October 28th and/or October 29th will be INFJs.
    Tauruses born April 24th and/or April 25th will be ISFJs.
    Aquariuses born January 25th and/or January 26th will be ENTJs.
    Leos born July 26th and/or July 27th will be ESTJs.

    Pisces born February 24th and/or February 25th will be INFPs.
    Virgos born August 26th and/or August 27th will be ISFPs.
    Geminis born May 25th and/or May 26th will be ENTPs.
    Sagittariuses born November 27th and/or November 28th will be ESTPs.

    Cancers born July 26th and/or July 27th will be ENFPs and/or ENFJs.
    Capricorns born December 26th and/or December 27th will be ESFPs and/or ESFJs.
    Libras born September 27th and/or September 28th will be INTPs and/or INTJs.
    Aries born March 25th and/or March 26th will be ISTPs and/or ISTJs.

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    I am a Gemini and ENTP, perhaps I should consider 7w6 further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren Ashley View Post

    Here are mine, that I came up with a while ago. Naturally these are meant to fit the archetypes and not anyone's Sun sign.

    Aries: ESTP
    Taurus: ISTx, ISFP
    Gemini: ESFP
    Cancer: ISFJ
    Leo: ESFJ, ENFJ
    Virgo: ISTJ
    Libra: xxxP
    Scorpio: xNTJ, xNFJ
    Sagittarius: ESTP, ENTP
    Capricorn: ESTJ
    Aquarius: ENTP, INTP
    Pisces: INFP, ENFP
    I fit into yours! Aquarius (ascendant Aquarius, too) and ENTP. I think I am 7 sx and Chinese Tiger.

    ENTP, 7 sx

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    Sagittarius sun, Leo moon, Aries rising
    year of the snake

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    I don't get it.

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    LIE Te


    Pisces Sun, Aquarius Rising, Aries Moon, Capricorn Dominant, Cardinal, Earth-Water.

    Cognitive function and elements
    Te Fire <--- Earth --> Water Ti
    Fe Fire <--- Air-----> Water Fi
    Ni Earth <---Water---> Air Ne
    Si Earth <----Fire-----> Air Se

    Why air is not mind or logic?
    Because air opposed Earth!
    Air is everything what Earth is not and via versa.
    And earth oppose and suppress emotions.
    Therefore air not water have to be Feeling judgment.
    Intuition and Logic work fine together.
    But Logic and Emotions DON'T!

    Logic is rigid by itself.
    You cannot jump from the floor and think you won't fell.
    You cannot think that one apple and another apple I gave you means you have three apple.

    Аir and Earth is like Fire and Water.
    They are jin and jang of system.
    Everything what is one another is not.
    If Earth has shape and form Air has nothing
    If Fire has shape but not form Water has form but not shape.
    They are like Black and White.

    Earth is not Sensation because Earth is so logical brutal element to the point thez suppress emotions.
    They are cold and strong like the stone. And it is not Intention because Earth is too practical, concrete... so only thing that Earth can be is Thinking.

    Fire is symbol of impulsion.
    Everything what water is not.

    Earth - Thinking with Intuition and Sensation on axis oppose Feelings
    Air - Feeling with Intuition and Sensation on axis oppose Thinking
    Water - Intuitive with Thinking and Feeling on axis oppose Sensation
    Fire Sensation with Thinking and Feeling on axis oppose Intuntion
    Life Path 4. True Neutral 8 1 6 3 7 5 Teexcellent>Niexcellent>Figood>Tigood>>>>Siaverage>Fe unused
    The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens." --Thomas Jefferson
    ===Logical Crusader===

    Dail [or Daer] ú-[o] chyn [or fyn/thyn] [?] Ú-danno i failad a thi; an úben tannatha le failad.

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    IEE Ne


    Pisces Sun, Libra moon and asc.

    MBTI= IDK anymore
    Enneagram= Triple positive in some order and So/Sp
    Pisces Sun-Libra Moon-Libra Rising

    Darker and Edgier

    4w3 7w6 9w1

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