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    Default Tritype explanation

    Can anyone explain my tritype 3w4 7w8 8w7

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    378 – The Mover & Shaker Archetype

    The 837 is the slick, expansive, powerhouse, 'can do' person that sees the big picture but avoids feelings, seeing them as speed bumps that get in the way of manifesting and making things happen.

    *Most assertive tritype-378, 873, 783

    378,837,738 If you are the 378, you are ambitious, innovative and protective. You want to be efficient, happy and straight-forward. You are a dynamic go-getter, focused on the prize. An expansive powerhouse, you see the big picture and a positive future with the will to make it happen. Seeking success, obstacles are seen as competitive challenges. Your life mission is to see what is possible and find innovative ways to achieve your goals. A true mover and shaker, you are happiest when you are in a position of power to manifest your vision and make things happen. You need to be doing to feel alive. You can be so expeditious, assertive and results oriented that you miss your impact on others and the deeper meaning and significance of why you are doing what you are doing.


    You have all three Expansive Solution Enneacards (3, 7 & 8)
    Naturally forward and expansive, you see yourself as assertive, self-motivated, expeditious and results oriented. Focused on action, you resist being controlled and letting your feelings get in the way of achieving your goals. When opposed, you react immediately and when necessary are not afraid to move against others to manage problems.

    the sexual 378 is triple assertive and has the added jolt of the high intensity sexual energy. 378 is self assured, innovative and bold, there will be more of a focus on being strong and attractive compared to other instincts. The 379 is a bit softer and more adept at softening their presentation. We always refer to the 379 is the "cool guy" or "cool girl" tritype as they want to be trendy and cool but also blend. The 378 may be more outlandish so pays less attention to being cool and more attention to being the trailblazer.
    Well if you lead with the 7 instead of 3 you will be less concerned with image and be less likely to track what others want you to be as the 7 is more concerned with following their own muse. However with the sexual subtype in charge both the 378 and the 738 will want to be alluring to potential intimates and mates and have a desire to find a mate who can handle their triple assertive energy.

    a 379 would be a more reflective and considerate but also more indecisive and chameleon-like (and somewhat more withdrawn, at times) version of a 378.

    And 379/793 would differ from the 378 in that 379 would be more diplomatic and conflict-avoidant than the 378.

    3-7-8 - The Extrovert

    This type is very outward focused. They must keep themselves involved with the external world in order to be relieve of stress and tension. Being alone and inactive causes anxiety.

    eight with a three fix: the notably success oriented, prominence seeking eight. utilizes
    image and manipulation to advance their career or enterprise.
    business achievement can lead to political aspirations.

    783: Direct and focused 7. Most assertive 7. Are usually movers and shakers and rainbow makers. Professional 7.

    837: Focused and innovative. Most assertive 8. Mover and shaker, especially if extroverted and/or soc. subtype. Entrepreneurs.

    87?: Focused, intuitive, and innovative. Most assertive and noncomforming 8. Moody, intense, eccentric, entrepreneurial 8 especially if sx.

    Both Tritypes are Movers and Shakers. They both want to win and have power but in a different way. The 387 is focused on achieving success, especially success in the eyes of others. The attention goes to identifying the role needed to make the achievements that are viewed as successful. With success comes power. The 837 is more focused on overcoming obstacles and succeeding in spite of the obstacles...they never give up. The 837 is less focused on the role and more focused on the position of power. With power comes success. The 837 wants to be seen as successful but wants autonomy more and are not dependent on other's view of them.
    With the 738 the focus moves to the heat and the creative, vision, future ideal, what is possible and entertaining ways to succeed in a big way. They imagine, produce and manifest.


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