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    Default What traits do you share with Etypes?

    I've left out core type, wing and tritype cuz that would just be repetitive
    2w3/3w2: I can turn on the seductive charm pretty easily
    5: I'm power seeking, but more in a 5-ish way than a 2-ish, 3-ish or 8-ish way. if someone/something is a threat to me, I will withdraw, gather information, draw up plans and wait for the right moment to strike. I greatly fear physical pain and annihilation
    8: my personality provokes a lot of fight/flight reactions from people, even when my intention is not hostile (which it seldom is). it's natural for me to be the one in control
    9: I partake in quite a bit of narcotization. my way of dealing with stress typically involves something that will numb my feelings/preferences and put me in a numb, dissociated state
    ENFP: We put the Fi in Fire
    5w4>1w9>2w1 Sx/Sp
    Papa Bear
    Motivation: Dark Worker
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Chibi Seme
    MTG Color: black/red
    Male Archtype: King/Lover
    "You are a gay version of Gambit" Speed Gavroche
    "I wish that I could be affected by any hate, but I can't, cuz I just get affected by the bank" Chamillionaire

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    1... I can be downright persnickety about how I keep things set up at work and how things are done... pickiness pleases me

    2... I enjoy anonymously doing nice things (I do not want to be caught doing them however, as it might tarnish my asshole image... I'm always peeved when called out on it )

    3... if you want to have sex with me you'd better fucking worship my mind and body or at least convincingly pretend to... I'm talking American Gods level of body worship

    4... ummmm.... I like eyeliner?

    5... I most recently disappeared from the forum because I became obsessive about researching something... I do that sort of thing pretty often

    6... I remember to set the alarm before leaving in the morning?

    7... reformed party girl

    8... I am one

    9... I'm really good at napping when I set my mind to it... we're speaking fabulously awesome... I can nap absolutely anywhere- concerts, airports, crowded busses, park benches

    There... I made a list
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    4... ummmm.... I like eyeliner?
    This is my favorite post ever.
    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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    My tritype is 487, so I will list the others:

    1: If I were your band leader, you would mistake me for a 1. Every detail has to be perfect, I trust my own vision and I take no shit from anyone. If you're incompetent, I will very respectfully remove you from the lineup.
    2: Power hunger in relationship scenarios - especially when I'm unhealthy or feeling rejected.
    3: When it's my own project & my own vision: If I stop working, the band/project will fall apart! I can be all work/ no play when I'm serious about something.
    5: Obsessive research of things I'm into, and I'm very good at objective analysis, even in situations involving my feelings. I also understand things about people and never tell them, and this gives me power.
    6: When it comes to my emotions, I can seek clarity the way a 6 seeks certainty.
    9: I can be very afraid of losing someone, to the point of losing sight of my own goals... though for me, this state lasts about 2 months and then I go back to being selfish :P

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    1: it's a fact that 4s have a direct connection with type 1 and I definitely feel an influence of this number. I have a very concrete vision of how things should be, I am highly idealistic and always try to do things "the right way". I try to be close to my ideals, I want positive change and have an influence in society. I am perfectionistic.
    2: fuuu...nothing really
    3: I want to be successful, known and appreciated. I want fame... I want others to notice me, I am self expressive and image seeking.
    5: I seek knowledge and information. I like intellectual conversations and I see myself as pretty intelligent.
    6: I have issues with anxiety and insecurity. Sometimes I count on others instead of taking care of my own life...I fear being left alone and without guidance.
    7: I seek pleasure and fun. I fear responsibilities. I am childlike and creative. I often escape when things get too serious.
    8: Nothing really
    9: I seek peace and harmony. I like my own comfort and I am often very lazy.
    "I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I'm writing a poem or drawing, I'm not a female; I'm an artist." - Patti Smith

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    Type 1: I try to be as rational as possible, but alas, I lack a sound moral compass and will bow to a logical argument over an ethical argument
    Type 2: Nothing
    Type 3: Drive for success, narcissistic behaviors
    Type 6 (cp): Mistrusting, afraid of being manipulated, but I am not paralyzed by my fear, and I am not overly-suspicious or wary for my personal safety.
    Type 7: I chameleon as this type when I'm with friends, but I'm nowhere near as impulsive or physically self-confident
    Type 9: I can chameleon somewhat to mimic other types, and I get lost in my own head a lot.

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    One thing I share with 9's is that I seem almost incapable of asserting my wants and needs.
    The only way out is through. The faster you're in, the better.

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    LII Ne


    1: I have a very strong sense of fairness and justice.
    2: I care about pleasing others.
    3: I care about success and accomplishments.
    4: I am often melancholy and deeply introspective.
    5: This is my type.
    6: I am very security conscious and often think of worst case scenarios and then plan so the worst case scenario doesn't happen.
    7: I am a child at heart. There is a childlike innocence about me that enjoys all the fun possibilities in life.
    8: I get angry and upset easily but try not to let it show.
    9: I hate conflict and prefer things to be smooth and easy.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    1: Hung up on justifying my place on earth by living up to high standards for myself. Disciplined, but see myself as the opposite: always feel on the edge of chaos when I am in reality far, far from it.

    2: I can't brush it aside when someone is unhappy with me. I get stressed easily over it until a resolution is reached.

    3: Plenty. This type is what I'm most easily mistaken for on the purely behavioral level. The "human doing" is a big one. If you ask me who we are if we are not our actions, you will get a dumb blank stare. Will forcefully expand my energies to fit whatever job or other container I have chosen and will not complain until literally about to puke. Needs to be told that putting in normal hours is not "letting myself go", nor is it "oversleeping". Very concerned about how I do at even the little details, and about what is being projected. Life paginated by burnout episodes between chapters of overexertion. Respectful awe at people who can just do things that are clearly mismatched with the environment that they chose to be in. Lifelong sneaky side. Tests out images. Intimacy is biggest challenge in life. Uncomfortable doing anything that doesn't contribute to an objective (brought work to movie theaters as a kid, hidden in teeny tiny notepads, and wrote fast during the bright scenes :devil:). Takes some pride in doing everything fast while maintaining presentation, and creates invisible microsystems to this end.

    4: Do not believe any of the above 3 press. Is the spiteful critic of the press. All on this whole list is motivated by and with reference to this core.

    5: Not confident that I can hold up out there without internal preparation. Usually in my head and can be caught unready to meet the physical world. Inalienable need to get into things with no interpersonal pulls interrupting, unable to ignore them and driven to clear them all out.

    6: Phobic. Comfort zone is within the lines, not a rebel. Too concerned about what isn't being said. "Siding against the self". I need certainty and will seek it from other people if I can't figure things out on my own.

    7: Attracted to novelty. Mind flees when routine is forced.

    8: Concerned with strength and weakness, who/what can affect who and how easily. 8-ish themes are unfortunately all in my mind. I value them so much because I am actively least like this type. This is the idealized image of myself that I 4-ishly feel doomed to fall short of.

    9: When solving a problem, numb everything else out. Sensitive to conflict and avoid it because I don't want it in my body. Need convincing that my desires matter within the grand machine.
    4w5 6w5 1w2 sx/so

    A lonely island where only what is permitted
    to move moves, becomes an ideal.

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    1. I don't really know, I have quite a strong need to "fix" things if the mood strikes me.
    2. I do what I feel like doing emotionally, and generally identifies with my emotions (sometimes?). I also like to be in control of a relationship, and to give to get.
    3. I am rather sensitive to the need to be optimistic, and generally wants to actually look good. Despite being too apathetic to do it most of the time.
    4. I think of myself as a broken down person, seeks to express myself authentically above all else (even if I do lose sight of it occasionally), and gets them sour grapes a lot.
    5. I like to minimize how much I spend? I unno not very 5 like person, much more when I was a kid though.
    6. I have a great hunger for certainty, and I am typically paralyzed by both "I give up" apathy, with the fear that I will just fail anyways.
    7. I dislike attaching myself to other people, and to have my options wide. I don't have very deep interests in one field, but generally feels more versatile and I am rarely genuinely pleased with things I experience.
    8. I have a great lust for vengance on a global, metaphysical scale. Mostly dictated by communistic feeling rationality, despite my ill knowledge of marxism itself.
    Phelgmatic-Jewish-Communist-Islamic-Transethnic-Asexual-National Socialist

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