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    1. I don't really know, I have quite a strong need to "fix" things if the mood strikes me.
    2. I do what I feel like doing emotionally, and generally identifies with my emotions (sometimes?). I also like to be in control of a relationship, and to give to get.
    3. I am rather sensitive to the need to be optimistic (I hate the intensely cynical side of myself), and generally wants to actually look good. Despite being too apathetic to do it most of the time.
    4. I think of myself as a broken down person, seeks to express myself authentically above all else (even if I do lose sight of it occasionally), and gets them sour grapes a lot.
    5. I like to minimize how much I spend? I unno not very 5 like person, much more when I was a kid though.
    6. I have a great hunger for certainty, and I am typically paralyzed by both "I give up" apathy, with the all consuming irrational fear that I will just fail anyways.
    7. I dislike attaching myself to other people, and to have my options wide. I don't have very deep interests in one field, but generally feels more versatile and I am rarely genuinely pleased with things I experience.
    8. I have a great lust for vengance on a global, metaphysical scale. Mostly dictated by communistic feeling rationality, despite my ill knowledge of marxism itself.
    Phelgmatic-Jewish-Communist-Islamic-Transethnic-Asexual-National Socialist

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    Will talk.

    1--I get über-perfectionistic about my creative projects, down to the very last detail. Others observe a moralizing streak, which is actually a cover for envy.

    2--Actually, I don't see much of this in me at all. Um, I'm proud, I guess?

    3--Am ruthlessly determined to succeed. When I compete I must be Number One, or I'll keep trying till I get there. When I really care about something, I can work almost endlessly towards my goal.

    4--I am one. Refer to other posts.

    5--Am prone to worries about "overwhelm". I am scientific and knowledgeable and like building onto what I already know. I protect my space, have limited understanding of human interactions, and feel I was born without the "social skills" instruction booklet. I was once obscenely capable of focus.

    6--I know what's "really" going on around here, I see through people's pretenses, and I foresee disaster.

    7--Well, I'm Ne-dom, so I have a lot of superficial characteristics. I don't finish projects, I keep moving on, I'm fascinated by literally everything, I can chatter endlessly, I'm good at "synthesizing", I like telling crazy stories, I like being funny, I like travel and trying new things, and a lot of other stereotypical things. I start panicking when I feel "trapped".

    8--If I show weakness, pain, vulnerability, or pity, the wolves will attack. I have a sadistic edge I don't want to share, which is probably why I feel that way. I think life is war, and I'm forever trying to toughen myself up. I'm also weirdly resourceful, the kid who always had a lemonade stand or was trying to sell people things. Others find me intolerably domineering.

    9--I'm lazy. If I don't want to deal with something, I don't. Stuff piles up. I feel a connection with nature. Withdrawn stuff.

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