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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    1w9 - philosophical idealists, the nascent source of growth
    1w2 - human manifestation of "be the change you wish to see in the world"
    2w1 - the parent and teacher we all need
    2w3 - warmly welcoming us to existence, showing the way
    3w2 - a positive feedback loop of loving everyone and everyone loving them
    3w4 - inspires others to be better just by being themselves
    4w3 - how to celebrate being uniquely oneself
    4w5 - bastions of originality and self-understanding, deeply existing
    5w4 - the iconoclast, challenging and reinventing what it means to be oneself
    5w6 - filters for quality and substance, doubly-perceptive insight
    6w5 - detectives and defenders, guardians at the fringe
    6w7 - true peers, cooperative with and protective of all
    7w6 - they enjoy life and others enjoy them
    7w8 - trailblazers, entrepreneurs, open humanity to newness
    8w7 - embodiment of personal drive and willpower
    8w9 - how to be secure and powerful in oneself
    9w8 - being at peace with the world while respecting one's own boundaries
    9w1 - in communion with the All and enlightened to growth
    Trust skylights to write something so beautiful, haha
    RobertCalifornia: TL thinks im black
    RobertCalifornia: shes my homegurl
    Hive: arent you
    SpankyMcfly: wait... you arent?

    thoughtlost: I am not really religious. I just like getting free stuff from churches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    Perhaps. But it is people's flaws that make them unique. And often are the very things we love about them. Things that those people themselves cringe at and feel self-conscious about.

    And it was with that in mind, that this thread was created
    I originally wrote that this contraposes my own life philosophy so, so much. But now I wonder if I'm simply taking another route to that particular truth.

    'Flaws' can be spun into great and wonderful gifts, but only when the person holding them is (a) mature and (b) given opportunities to do so. Opportunities and growth (into maturity) come when one is given the confidence that he needs to view his flaws as gifts. One's given that confidence when he learns to accept himself, which can be facilitated by the love, support, and acceptance from others--such as in this thread.

    (My own blind spot is that I don't accept flaws, which is a flaw in and of itself; the gift spun from it perhaps being that it keeps me driven. Mayhaps a product of a 3w4's struggle with reconciling identity, ideal, and image )

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