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    Default How compatible are you with people of your image and gut-fix??

    3w4 fixers: I can recognize them pretty quickly (probably not). I've only recently come to realize how much I relate to them in terms of general demeanor (Don Draper, Sofia Coppola, Christopher Moltisanti of The Sopranos), but I can't say I've been very compatible with those types.

    9w1 fixers: I feel like 9w1-fixers are the only girls that I can realistically see myself with (or 9w8). I always feel like we're perfectly in-sync with one-another. But if there's chemistry, there's chemistry.

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    7w6 sx/so


    Pretty compatible, my best friend is ESFJ 2w3 so/sx and my other best friend is ISFP 9w1 sp/sx.

    My #1 role model and celebrity I relate to most is Kelly Clarkson who I believe is ENFP 6w7 - 2w3 - 9w1 sp/sx.
    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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    Not especially more than with others. While I like 9w1s for the gentle spirit and sweet demeanour, I tend to get along more with 9w8s than with 9w1s and while I love the fun, happy side of 7w6s, I get on just as well with 5s, or 2s.

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    My main type is 5w6. Compatibility varies. Some I hit it off with well. Some I don't- they are too awkward socially, too distant, too arrogant, etc.

    My gut fix is 9w1- almost as strong as my main type. I usually have a very easy time getting along with them.

    I'm not even sure of my image fix. Either 4w5 or 3w4 but I can't say I'm all that compatible with them. No particular like or dislike, just different.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    I'm an image type, and before I found out I was a 4, people of this type irrationally bothered me (probably because I am a counter-type). I'm speaking in theory, not so much IRL--I got along great with my little sister and cousin who both self-type as 4s. I don't necessarily seek them out as a shoulder to cry on or anything, I just find them to be fun and imaginitive sorts who will indulge my secret sense of whimsy. I find that 4-fixers often understand my feelings of being an awkward loner and my sense of grief around this far more than 2 and 3 fixers, who are fond of letting me know that I'm "weird" and "everyone has friends".

    My gut fix is 8 (can't say about the wing), and I actually do find that my world-view is compatible with other 8s and 8-fixers, regardless of MBTI and other things in the tritype. Pretty much everyone I've really hit it off with online, anyway--I don't know that many IRL. We sort of "get it" about how to treat each other, how to respond to anger, appropriate comeuppance for damages wrought, etc. We are often inspired by the same things.

    I find that there's a similar world view, and actually I've been wondering if this is true of the gut-fix in general. I mean, do people tend to have an affinity for others of their gut type? It makes sense, because the gut revolves around how you experience, and resist, your impulses and your environment (hence, world view).

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