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    4s are the one type I've barely run into in my neighborhood, highschool or college. 5s and 8s aren't that hard to spot.

    Most archetypal facebook/tumblr-y "4s" are actually 9s, 6w7s and 7w6s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stansmith View Post
    4s are the one type I've barely run into in my neighborhood, highschool or college. 5s and 8s aren't that hard to spot.

    Most archetypal facebook/tumblr-y "4s" are actually 9s, 6w7s and 7w6s.
    How do reckon you spot a real 4?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Webslinger View Post
    How do reckon you spot a real 4?
    The whole "4" image is pretty popular with people my age who arent necessarily core 4s. Lots of people will are into "fashion", "art" and "photography". 7w8s, 6w7s, 9w8s, etc. can all be "aesthetic", superficially 'dark' and 'artsy'. They're all ironically similar and its more or less a new form of conformity.

    The difference is that legitimate 4s (with the exception of some So/Sx's) aren't a part of all that. There's no blatant trendiness or corniness factor to them. Their image and taste is usually legitimately personal and self-referential, instead of the trendy version of unique, which looks more like this:

    They also arent the type to talk about "big booty bitches", sports or getting tipsy with their girlfriends. Those are your 9s, 7s and 6s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stansmith View Post
    Most archetypal facebook/tumblr-y "4s" are actually 9s, 6w7s and 7w6s.
    FWIW, I'm pretty sure my friend who has like 20k followers on Tumblr is a 4w3. ISFP so/sp. If you look at character MBTI charts that have been floating around there nowadays, you see that a lot of people there test as mostly ISFP, then INFJ, then INFP. You get both sorts of ENFxs every now and then, but most people get in the IxFx range (excluding ISFJ).

    Alright, time to do a Facebook count (of people that I know well enough to type):

    1w9 - 1
    1w2 - 2
    2w1 - 5
    2w3 - 6
    3w2 - 3
    3w4 - 2
    4w3 - 3
    5w4 - 2
    6w5 - 2
    6w7 - 5
    7w6 - 6
    7w8 - 3
    9w8 - 2
    9w1 - 5

    Andddd that's all I got.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Gavroche View Post
    Extremely common
    3w2 So/Sp, 3w4 Sp/Sx, 6w5 Sp/So, 6w5 Sp/Sx

    Very common
    3w2 So/Sx, 6w7 So/Sp, 6w7 So/Sx, 7w6 So/Sx, 8w9 Sp/So

    1w9 So/Sp, 3w2 Sp/Sx, 3w4 So/Sp, 7w8 So/Sx, 9w8 So/Sx, 9w1 Sp/So

    Quite common
    1w9 Sp/So, 2w3 So/Sx, 3w4 So/Sx, 6w7 Sp/So, 6w7 Sp/Sx, 9w1 Sx/Sp

    Averagely common
    1w9 Sp/Sx, 1w2 So/Sp, 4w3 So/Sx, 5w6 Sp/So, 6w7 Sx/Sp, 7w6 Sp/Sx, 7w6 So/Sp, 7w8 Sx/Sp, 8w7 Sp/So, 9w8 Sp/So, 9w8 Sp/Sx, 9w8 Sx/Sp, 9w1 Sp/Sx

    Quite rare
    1w9 So/Sx, 1w2 Sp/So, 2w3 So/Sp, 3w2 Sp/So, 3w4 Sx/So, 4w3 Sp/Sx, 4w5 Sp/Sx, 5w4 Sp/Sx, 5w6 Sp/Sx, 5w6 So/Sp, 6w5 So/Sp, 6w5 So/Sx, 6w7 Sx/So, 7w6 Sx/Sp, 8w7 So/Sx, 8w7 Sx/So, 8w9 Sp/Sx, 8w9 So/Sp, 8w9 Sx/Sp, 9w8 So/Sp, 9w1 So/Sp

    2w1 Sp/So, 2w1 So/Sx, 2w3 Sp/So, 3w2 Sx/Sp, 3w4 Sx/Sp, 4w3 So/Sp, 5w4 So/Sx, 5w4 Sx/Sp, 6w5 Sx/Sp, 7w6 Sp/So, 7w6 Sx/So, 7w8 Sp/Sx, 7w8 So/Sp, 7w8 Sx/So, 8w7 Sp/Sx, 8w7 So/Sp, 9w1 So/Sx, 9w1 Sx/So

    Very rare
    1w9 Sx/Sp, 1w9 Sx/So, 1w2 Sp/Sx, 1w2 So/Sx, 1w2 Sx/Sp, 1w2 Sx/So, 2w1 Sp/Sx, 2w1 So/Sp, 2w1 Sx/So, 2w3 Sp/Sx, 2w3 Sx/Sp, 2w3 Sx/So, 3w2 Sx/So, 4w3 Sp/So, 4w3 Sx/Sp, 4w3 Sx/So, 4w5 So/Sp, 4w5 Sx/Sp, 5w4 Sp/So, 5w4 So/Sp, 5w6 So/Sx, 5w6 Sx/Sp, 5w6 Sx/So, 6w5 Sx/So, 7w8 Sp/So, 8w9 So/Sx, 8w9 Sx/So, 9w8 Sx/So

    Extremely rare
    2w1 Sx/Sp, 4w5 Sp/So, 4w5 So/Sx, 4w5 Sx/So, 5w4 Sx/So, 8w7 Sx/Sp
    I'm fascinated to know where these stats come from! Even if it's just from your brain. They are so specific though, so I'm thinking there must be a source. Care to share? I can never find enough info on this topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by small.wonder View Post
    The available statistics (there really isn't much) don't reflect reality in my opinion, because certain types are more drawn to self introspection, open to topics of psychology, etc. I've actually been keeping a chart on everyone I know who knows their type (quite a lot, as I go to a church that's that encourages the Enneagram as a tool for emotional health). So far:

    2: nine people
    6: eight people
    3: six people
    8: six people
    1: five people
    9: five people
    7: five people
    4: two people (including myself)
    5: one person (+2 people suspected)

    While this is fascinating (for me anyway), I know there are factors that still that skew my statistics. Even who I am and how I know each individual plays a factor. In order to get pure results, all of the people involved would have to be random and emotionally mature enough to be honest with themselves (most of the people on my chart are the latter at least).
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    I think 9s should be theoretically the most prominent due to the fact that it's the "Center of the enneagram", and the focal point of the point of what the enneagram really is. Considering that if you add up all of the numbers, then you'd get a nine at the end of it, which is a reflection of the fact that all of the types are deviations and variants of what the type nine is all about. The deadening of ourselves through our ego, to protect it so that it doesn't have to deal with the real world and what reality is about.

    As such it's logical to think that 9 is the most popular, though not by an overly wide margin (like 20% max). I won't give out exact statistics but from my guess without looking at other people too deeply, it's like this.

    1: 9 are pretty damn common. Even if you remove the basic metaphysics from the equation, there are a lot of people out there who don't like rocking the boat.
    3: 3 getting the most points is a common goal. People like to impress themselves, and be the best of the best.
    2: 7 the world is not in short supply of people who are narcissistic to at least some degree. Pain avoidance is common place. (NOT self absorbed, which most people are and it's pretty healthy to be involved in your own life)
    4: 2 both men and women need some love in their life. The love starvation of the world is pretty apparent if you look at it closely enough. Trying to impress others is what a lot of folks do in their life.
    5: 1 Not very well known, it's best to think of 1 as being the avoidance of what they see as filth, rather than getting the high score so "Perfection" is a 3 thing in most people's minds.
    6: 6 Amusingly enough, I think the type 6 is a more specific phenomenon rather than most people think it is. You just don't see people with their eyes and ears everywhere. Sniffin' out trouble.
    7: 8 Quite a few folk have a revenge complex out there, who have issues with the desire of destroying or at least destroying those that hurt them. From the poor to rich there are enough people to do some legwork in the world.
    8: 4 It's pretty true this type is pretty rare I guess.
    9: 5 I place this one on the bottom, because I don't know where to rank the 5 at. My gut says it's about middle though...
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    This is just based on my observations of people I know and interact with in the everyday world.

    I'd say 6 and 9 are the most common and 4 and 5 are the least common, with the other types somewhere in between.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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