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    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    I'm starting to realize just how different 4w3 and 4w5 are.
    This tritype in particular might add to the 3 wing, depending on how much it matters. 6 disintegrates to 3, and 9 integrates to it. That would make the most 3 influence a 4 could possibly get.

    @Zarathustra: When you talk about depth, what do you mean by it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Webslinger View Post
    @Zarathustra: When you talk about depth, what do you mean by it?
    That there is meaning/significance to something. That that thing is not merely meaningless/insignificant. And depth can be considered by degree, not simply a binary yes or no. There is a degree of depth/meaningfulness/significance/truth value that something can have. Deep things have more of it, shallow things have less of it (although, even shallow things can be looked at from a deeper perspective, but then the depth lies more in the subject who is doing the perceiving and less in the object that is being perceived [though the object is lending itself to be looked at deeply, which means something, in and of itself, but less than it means when an object beckons to be looked at deeply {i.e., a blade of grass has plenty of depth if one wants to take a deep look into it, but one regular blade of grass really has no more depth than a billion other regular blades of grass, and one would not be terribly remiss to spend one's life in the presence of millions of blades of grass without spending much of that time contemplating the depths of each and every one of those blades of grass, or even the depths of all of them as a whole, if ome had the time to do so; whereas, by contrast, if one had the time to spend within the presence of all the works of Shakespeare, one would be rather remiss to not spend at least some of one's time contemplating the depth/meaning/significance that lies within those great works}]).

    One of my favorite metaphors to illustrate this concept is pores. The more depth/meaning/significance something has, the more porous it is. Deep things have more pores, and pores with more depth. Shallow things have fewer pores, and pores with less depth. Deep, meaningful, significant works of art have a high number of pores, as well as deep pores, and provide all kinds of territory and depths which we can explore; shallow works of art, on the other hand, have few pores, and pores with little depth, and provide less territory and fewer depths to explore. The latter might be pleasant, enjoyable, and fun, but offer less opportunity for meaningful, significant, and deep exploration, discovery, and reflection. (And the same goes for other objects, whether people, places or things)

    "I trust what you are doing though…I just see it a little differently.
    I don’t see it as you stepping away from the fire. I see it as the fire directing your course.
    No matter how airy or earthy or watery you become... to many of us you will always be...a super nova."

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