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    Default Types Acting Out Their Integration Point in Private

    Probably isn't rocket science, but I've noticed that a few types tend to have an uncanny resemblance to their integration point when alone or comfortable, regardless of health:

    6s when at home enjoy little things like watching tv, sleeping, not caring and eating like 9s. I think 9-ish sloth is a very underestimated aspect of 6w7s especially.

    7s in private or comfortable situations enjoy researching stuff, focusing on practicing an instrument, etc. and come off as more serious/introspective like 5s. 7s can be some of the biggest workaholics and nerds, at least in spurts.

    8s in private are endearing and affectionate like 2s, even if they're being loud or abrasive about it.

    4s can come off as vaguely 'disciplined' and prudish like 1s around certain people. For example, look at Jesse's ex girlfriend Jane (4w5) from Breaking Bad, who comes off as relatively disciplined (heroin addiction and all) compared to Jesse (6w7) who acts more like a 9 when with her. I don't think they even have to be comfortable to act like 1s.

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    3s in private can seem un-selfconscious and honest like 6s

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    That's interesting. I find I tend to act 1ish under high-pressure circumstances, myself. I know when I totally reject something I tend to take on high-and-mighty moralistic attitudes. It's like the opposite of what the theory says is supposed to happen.

    When I'm home alone, comfortable, with nothing to do, I'm far more 9ish (lazy, unmotivated, sit around staring at the walls), thus leading to rumors that I am actually a 6, or 9-fixed. It'd also be fair to argue that I'm 2ish--I start adopting hurt animals, baking cakes, and otherwise being "maternal" (not a word generally associated with me). Or 8ish--I get bossy and need my territory.

    But not 1ish. Maybe other 4s are better at being 1ish as a "security point", but for me, it's a bit different.

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    I get 7-ish in private when I start thinking about all the interesting activities I could do that day and tending to be unrealistic. Plan more than I can possibly do.

    I've had the occasional moment of overindulgence. There have been times where I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to order off a menu, so I ordered multiple things, then just took a few bites of each because I'd feel guilty about overeating and end up throwing the rest away.

    Occasionally I make impulse purchases, something that really sounds great and then I hardly ever use it later. I think almost everyone does that now and then so I don't know how 7-ish that is.
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