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    Default How do you identify specific fixes?

    This is how I tend to do it:

    2 fixers: Present themselves as humble, try to seem relatable/charitable. Almost no pretension in them. Examples; Seth Rogen, Robin Williams, Ellen, etc.

    3 fixers: Usually pretty well put together, clean up exceptionally well. They're not as self indulgent with their appearance as 4-fixers, but they don't seem as average-joey as 2-fixers either. Examples; Jay-Z, Charlie Sheen, Ryan Gosling, Lebron James etc.

    4-fixers: They sort of milk their individuality in an obvious, or not-so obvious way when it comes to their appearance. Its not always obvious though, I just try to picture whether or not they would say they want to be seen as different or unique, and at that point it becomes obvious. Examples; Russell Brand, Tyler the Creator, Aubrey Plaza and Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction.

    5-fixers: Seem kind of "nerdy", focused and obsessive with their interests and thinking, use alot of off-beat black humor but don't seem as cynical or worrisome as 6 fixers. They come off as "neutral" when it comes to cynicism or optimism. Examples; Christian Bale, Kendrick Lamar, etc.

    6-fixers: Subtly cynical, worrisome and contemplative in their thinking, may be self-deprecating. Have this "I'm just a guy trying to get by" type of vibe when they talk about their lives. 6w5 fixers come off as more classically cynical, while 6w7-fixers seem "lighter", yet still have an air of doubt or uncertainty. Examples; Seth Macfarlane, Tony Soprano, The Bride from Kill Bill, etc.

    7-fixers: Always optimistic in their thinking, just have an overall light, positive vibe to them. Even if they discuss serious topics, they don't come off as cynical people most of the time. Examples; Will Smith, Hans Landa from inglorious basterds, etc.

    8-fix: Seem confident in their presence, sometimes even powerful or overbearing.

    9-fix: Seem kind of "small" in their presence, usually non-confrontational. They also never seem to really alienate anybody. People may see them as strange or off, but they never leave anyone feeling disdainful or overwhelmed. Even if they're controversial, there's an endearing quality to them that eases the offensive-ness.

    1-fix: They just look like disciplined people, that's the best way I can explain it. They also take less space than 8-fixers, but seem more "dignified" in their presence than 9-fixers. Examples; Martin Scorsese, Gus from Breaking Bad, etc.

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    I've noticed even 7-fixed Fours (especially 479) have this "euphoric" vibe to them; like a blissful, joyful sadness. If you listen to Frank Ocean's music for example (4-7-9), you feel a beautiful, strange blend of intense joy and sadness.

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    This sounds mostly right, but according to it I'd be a 451, when 461 seems more likely. (And yes I do have a strong five wing.) I think the six head type can make a person seem more accessible/humanistic, not necessarily cynical, while a five head type person will seem more detached/ less accessible.

    I think six head types are also often realistic/pragmatic rather than cynical/worrisome.

    Four isn't necessarily so appearance-based. It's more about being true to self and self examination/reflection. A core four and four-fixed person will be regularly self-referential. Everything is seen through the filter of the self. (Note the first sentence of my post.)

    Twos may present themselves as humble, but underneath that humility is a lot of pride. They take pride in appearing humble, kind of a "look at what a good, humble person I am." The nine, on the other hand, is humble.

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    This is remarkably accurate, particularly for the 6-fix (I was laughing with delight throughout). No coincidence?

    As a double withdrawn, though, I'd dispute the 8-fix. I'm habitually getting told I "lack self confidence", even when I genuinely am feeling confident. Being quiet and serious is just a sin in corporate America, I guess.

    BUT--I do get told that I seem to have my shit together, that I radiate an undertone of anger (I have a constant scowl for one thing, which is just how my face expresses thought and emotion unfortunately), and that, when I am fully in charge, I have an aura of command (not the same thing as "appearing confident/powerful", at least for me).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stansmith View Post

    9-fix: Seem kind of "small" in their presence, usually non-confrontational. They also never seem to really alienate anybody. People may see them as strange or off, but they never leave anyone feeling disdainful or overwhelmed. Even if they're controversial, there's an endearing quality to them that eases the offensive-ness.

    I disagree slightly with this. I often get a walking-on-eggshells feeling from e9s. It sort of feels like they don’t realize how trigger happy they are with their librarian shushing finger. They so easily get all “Whoa, everyone calm down…”- where I won’t even be able to see how there’s any conflict in the first place- that I do find it overwhelming.

    I agree with the rest, more or less.
    Reality is a collective hunch. -Lily Tomlin

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    2w3 fixers: Courteous/warm/tasteful elegance. They come off as very "flowery". They're a bit more fashionable than 2w1 fixes, but you don't get the sense that they're showing off. It's more like "I want to look my best for my guests/host/friends".

    3w2 fixers: Popular elegance. Have this stereotypical, cookie cutter hollywood elegance to them. They tend to present themselves as more ideal and trendy with not much of a personal twinge. More of a playboy/socialite/handsome-man-of-the-people vibe than 3w4. Examples; Tony Stark, Jay-Z, P-Diddy, most rappers, etc.

    3w4-fixers: Personalized elegance. Seem more refined and understated than 3w2 fixers, yet still somewhat regal in their appearance. Come off as more transcendent and separate from what's trendy. 3w2-fixers seem like they adapt to trends and the crowd, while 3w4-fixers come off as being beyond trends and what the average person sees as appealing.

    4w3-fixers: Refined individuality. Similar to 3w4, except a bit more personal and individualized. Can be dark or casanova-ish.

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    Example of a 6-fixed 3

    Notice how he's always poking fun at himself and pointing out how tasteless/dumb he thinks his works are in a playful way like he's trying to say "hey, I totally see what you mean".

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    I've actually noticed that 4-fixers in general (even core-7s) seem to be highly identified with some sense of past hardship, shame or personal alienation. They may not wear it on their sleeve 24/7, but it'll probably come out during intimate conversation or through their art/writing.

    I mean, all types have that to a certain extent (especially when they're older or take some time to introspect), but with 4-fixers you get the sense that they've always been hyper aware their demons (or at least willing to admit it to themselves).

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    what's a fix? is that the core? and would you have any examples of 4-7-8? [pleeease]

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkgraffiti View Post
    what's a fix? is that the core? and would you have any examples of 4-7-8? [pleeease]
    A fix is the non-core types of your tritype. The video I posted above you is probably a 7-4-8 (and ENFP).

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