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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    I find tri types to be pretty informative.
    I can usually detect differences between me and other 5w6s that could be explained with the fact that they have a different gut fix. Ime, (among 5s) correctly typed INTJs always have either E1 or E8 as their gut fix, while correctly typed INTPs always have E9. Those little differences can help eliminating the need for a mbti typing.
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    Wings seem arbitrary for a lot of people. I've seen a lot of 4s that don't have anything to do with 3s or 5s. They usually are more similar to either 6, 7 or 9.
    A lot of wings don't even begin to make sense. 8 and 9 are pretty much opposites, so the wings are basically used to categorize them as "less extreme" versions. In the end, there's no real connection between them.
    personally, I relate to both the 6 wing and the 8 wing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    That statement applies to the ones who are 5s.
    There may be something to be said that the "other two" types of a tritype will tend to closely correspond with the personality traits of one's MBTI type. I strongly suspect that the primary type is more independent of MBTI type than most people realize.
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