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    Default Separating Instinctual Variant desires from Core-type desires

    How do you do it? I feel like So/Sx desires scream phobic-6w7 and sp-dom looks like the competency triad.

    I've gone through confusion as far as what my core type is because of this. I think about groups and being liked alot like a core 6w7, but I'm not sure it comes from a desire to feel safe.

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    I do so by comparing and contrasting different 6w7s

    In my case, I feel I'm quite different from sp-dom 4s who are a lot more 'this is how I want it and how I see things, and I'm not ashamed of saying so' than I am, whereas so-dom 4s seem to be a lot smoother than me in navigating the masses to get to where they wanna go.

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    I see the instincts as developing in relation to the core type. So an sp 6 and an sp 2 would have their instinctual drives focused differently. I think it's best to focus on core type, and then from there consider how the fixation plays out (which area your drive is focused).
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    One way that I have found to be reliable is to go by core motivations--which set of issues sparks off your 6ness?

    You do have to be careful not read about blindspots and stackings and stuff and arbitrarily assign yourself the one that sounds most "like" you--many introverts assign themselves sp/sx right away because they hear that sp's are "withdrawn" and sx's "like one-to-one" communications.

    So, ask yourself what set of issues results MOST in a 6ish reaction. Social status, politics, hierarchy, etc? Intimate relationships? Food, health, housing, future resources, etc? You know the instincts already.

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