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    Default Which wing of each of the core types to do you like better?

    1: 1w9. much more chill than their w2 cousins with a respectable, fatherly sort of energy that commands authority without having to do much. 1w2s are too superego-heavy, pushy and critical of mundane details. additionally, 1w9 has one of the best confrontation styles because they don't freak out (like a head center type), becoming overly aggressive (like an 8 fixer), become avoidant (like a 9 fixer) or become too emotional. typically they will try to reason with you but stand their ground. if you continue, they simply punish you rather than losing their temper most of the time.
    2: 2w3. they're so damn charming! male 2w3s have this bizarre combination of tough guy + cute that seldom fails to draw me in. they tend to demand lots of attention, but I don't mind giving it to them if I like them XD (unless they disintegrate to 8....then they need to fucking die). 2w1 is too goody-2-shoes and "come on guys! let's save all the starving people in ___!" (2s as a whole are hit and miss with me. I either want to bang them or murder them)
    3: 3w4. I admire their sense of poise, quiet pride, elitism and competence. they tend to have a killer fashion sense too which I admiree
    4: 4w3. 4w5s seem too hostile and stand-offish (they can look almost 8-ish sometimes, like they're tormented and about to lash out at someone), healthy 4w3s are more ambitious, saucy and charismatic, so they win this one.
    5: 5w6. more competent, more pragmatic and less prone to the nihilistic philosopher tendencies of 5w4.
    6: 6w7. I love their endearing vulnerability and goofy sense of humor. even the counterphobic ones have a certain cuteness to them most of the time.
    7: close call, but 7w6 wins out, simply because they're less likely to be a provocative dick (though 7w8s who aren't are great). 7w6 is someone you can almost always have a good time with (even though the more jittery tendencies of 7w6(sw6w5) can be annoying)
    8: 8w7. more grandiose, ambitious, talkative and adventurous. 8w9s seem less likely to want to engage in lively conversation (they usually look at me like "when is this thing going to shut up?"
    9: 9w1. 9w1s are more nurturing easier to bond with
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    1w9 for sure... They are super cool and relate-able, and it is good to have one in your life.
    2w3 is fun... The only bro who will let you cry on their shoulder during hard times... And the girls... Oh my god...
    3w4... Yay for me... Something you said "Quiet pride"... I consider it to be a more open pride We are elitist and competent though...
    4w3... So far we agree on everything... Most of my GFs are 4w3 or 2w3... I like both...
    5w6... I don't hang out with many 5s, but 6s are really cool.
    6w7... The greatest bro ever... Loyal, trustworthy, and love a good time...
    7w8... They're like whirlwinds, but if you can keep up, they're a really good time
    8w7... 8w9s, like you said, are too calculating and cold... They're easier with the cooler, lighthearted wing.
    9w1... I love being around them. There is some special 9w1 attitude towards life that feels like a weight off my shoulders whenever they're around.

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