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Thread: Power-seeking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamishi View Post
    So if I point out a clear contradiction of yours, I am hostile? The sx instinct is not all about sex. That is misunderstanding what sx as an instinctual energy is in my opinion. Sx is about finding an intimate partner and one way you can be intimate with someone else is to have sex, but it's definitely not the only way you can be intimate. Also, gut types aren't necessarily interested in sex or seek sex. That is not what makes them gut types.

    You are free to have your own theory but your theory is clearly inconsistent with the actual body of knowledge that is written about the instincts.

    Also, had I been in a more pissy mood I might have taken offense by the fact that you think these people represent 5s or 5-ness with those quotes. I think it shows a poor conceptual understanding of what it means to be a type 5. That you have the audacity to then consider me hostile and rude is quite ironic as such but whatever.
    I never said the sx is all about sex. Gut types enjoy sex so much because they are in tune with their body. Anyway, "actual body of knowledge?" Who knows and decides what is so?

    No I don't think those people represent Type Fives. I think those quotes are good advice for Type Fives who immediately shooting down other people's input.

    Examples of being rude:

    "I really can't be bothered to explain more than this. You just seem to severely misunderstand how the instincts operate."

    "You clearly weren't looking enough."

    "It's really not that complicated."

    Along with the overall tone.

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    Power-seeking for me is like being a dragon and possessing a hoard. That whole image of Smaug lying on a bed of gold. Knowledge, secrets, information, and sometimes skills are gathered and kept in a secret location. The more I have, the better I feel. Emotions, too. So I sit on this pile of "treasure", guarding it, and do not wish to give any of it away. I become aggressive if it's threatened. Probably because it is a threat in the sense that I perceive it as my power going out of me. The more contained I feel the more powerful I am. Giving something away from my trove is an act of intimacy, a way of connecting to others.

    I am also attracted to intense people because for me, they can get through multiple layers to get to the real me. The energy to push through my indifference, denials, etc.

    It's kind of hard to explain and I'm tired and sleepy.
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