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    Don't think it is type related, but some I consider soothing or calming... look at the ones as a video to get an idea. Basically, a great soft voice and/or a nice slow song. Most of these don't sound sad, maybe that's just me. Does it sound like a 6 going towards type 9? What I imagine from most of these are just... no worries. I tend to favor woodwind instrument or sounds that are like it (like electronical or midi files)

    First, the slower ones:

    Yoake No Tori

    FFXI - Rolanberry Fields

    FF7 - Tifa's Theme - Piano Version

    Faster ones:

    Saga Frontier - Opening Journey

    Suikoden V - Moonlit Night Theme

    FFXI - Currents of Time

    Not just background music:

    Brian McKnight - 6, 8, 12.

    Tyrone Wells - Sea Breeze

    Lifehouse - You and Me

    Other than that, I just had to post this link:
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    I don't have "calming music" so to speak. It's not like, "Oh, I'm really angry but somebody's playing Holst's The Planets in the background and just hearing it is somehow calming me down." (I can't imagine it would actually work that way but anyway.)

    I have a playlist for songs that get the feels going, especially pensive, sad feels. I kind of need that in order to properly bring them to the forefront so I can wallow properly, you know? I'll throw up some links.

    Giannini - Symphony No. 3, II. Adagio
    King's College Cambridge - Psalm 130 Out of the Deep (Chant)
    Alfred Reed - Russian Christmas Music
    Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings, op. 11 [famous piece, much feels]
    Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 4, II.
    Arvo Pärt - Fratre for Strings & Percussion [kind of trance-like with the droning strings]
    Olivier Messiaen - Quartet for the End of Times, V. Praise to the Eternity of Jesus
    Eric Whitacre - Lux Aurumque (band)
    Frederick Delius - Irmelin Prelude

    My playlist is actually much longer than this. These are just some of the pensive/sad feels ones.
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    The Chaser - INTHENEI
    三个人的时光 (钢琴曲).wmv
    サクラ 樱 - 矶村由纪子(钢琴&二胡)

    :> My list is much longer, but these songs always calm me down.
    Actually my taste in music is darker, more intense, like this one.
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    For whatever it's worth, I'm an INTP 5 who also loves apocalyptic stuff or stuff others may find a tad disturbing... not as general principle, it's just that it sometimes happens.

    That said, "Does it calm me down" doesn't tend to be a factor in my picking or evaluating of music. if anything I tend to pick the music based on the mood I'm already in (probably my w4 showing)
    I can't even name a calming song without having to think about it, the response would probably be constructed if I did.
    Maybe you could say that it would be whatever gets the reason for my not-calmness out of my sistem but that's not how it works either or what I aim for.

    Sometimes having something on the right 'wavelenght' playing helps with productivity, other times I just sit there being emo. Or enjoying the music I guess.

    I suppose I get some sort of comfort from old favorites from my youth but the songs themselves wouldn't be discribed as comforting...
    As for what I find "easy to focus on" (eg when emotional) I guess it shouldn't be too slow and have music & lyrics of about equal quality. So not so much soothing instrumentals.
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    Related: What does your music taste say about your personality? Researchers have the answer

    The music that calms me depends on what I'm being calmed down from. Anger? Sadness? Anxiety? All require something different. Usually whatever I choose is nostalgic in some way, appealing to my Si and my "core", bringing me back to what matters most.
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    My interest in prog/art rock probably means I'm an elitist.

    The music that calms me depends on what I'm being calmed down from. Anger? Sadness? Anxiety? All require something different. Usually whatever I choose is nostalgic in some way, appealing to my Si and my "core", bringing me back to what matters most.
    What about music that irritates you?
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    Music to calm me? I don't know...

    I like metal. It has a centering effect.
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    I'm not sure. There isn't any sort of consistent go to music that calms me down. It depends on my mood. If I am in some sort of bad mood (sad, angry, stressed,) it will depend on what type of music I will want to listen to to "calm down" but I think of it more as relax. Generally, I go for music that reflects how I feel, but if it's stress it runs the gambit.

    This is something I've been listening to a lot lately due to stress:

    If I'm angry, and it's just predominately anger, I'll listen to something like this:

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    I was very neutral to the first track. I can see how it might be soothing for some and unsettling for others. Some might find the background ambience and the little dissonances (they weren't glaring but they were there) unsettling even if you don't consciously catch those in your listening. Others might just enjoy the chord structures and the general wishy washiness (for lack of a better term) of the changes, how they kind of run into each other with no clear definition and are just... unhurried.

    I couldn't get through the first five seconds of the second track. It was very annoying.

    I couldn't get the third track to play for some reason.


    Onto my "calming music" preferences. Or was it relaxing music?
    If it's familiar to me, it usually qualifies.

    It also depends on context. Sometimes a song I would normally quietly enjoy will make me wired either because of anticipation of some big moment or awesome melody in the song, or because I'm relating it to something recently applicable and having made that connection is exciting to me.

    Furthermore, if I've been listening to, for example, quiet songs in D major, then I'm probably going to want to keep listening to quiet music in D major. Or D minor. (I have absolute pitch. Also I'm a music major.) If Adagio for Strings (Bb minor) suddenly comes on it's going to mess with me.

    I don't really group music into relaxing or whatever. I have a playlist full of late Romantic, Impressionist, and some contemporary band and orchestral works but really the list is compiled based on how non obtrusive the overall texture (I tend to go for homogenized texture but I try to be flexible with that especially if it's piano or clarinet) and background noise are (I try to avoid live performance recordings since people cough and often the clapping is left in and I find that very distracting) and how much the piece stirred up the feels. Usually there has to be some familiarity with the piece (i.e. memories of performing it, studying it in theory, etc) but not always. Adagio for Strings is there, as are Watchman Tell Us of the Night and Maslanka's Symphony no. 8.

    Going back to the previous paragraph, I've started compiling playlists of all kinds of songs and pieces in specific keys. The rule is they have to start and end in the same key (mode changes, such as minor to parallel major, are acceptable).

    954 sp IXTP
    Classically trained musician
    Have at it.

    (Our smoke detector is Ab by the way. I know because it keeps going off but only very short (no more than two cycles of three beeps) for some unknown reason and it's really annoying and I don't smell any smoke and I know we turned off the stove and oven tonight. Ugh.)

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    I find that there are many black metal albums which help me to sleep.

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