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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    The order of the points completely. The reason why 1 is the Perfectionist and 6 is the Loyalist and so on. I've read theories, but they all seem ad-hoc and backronymesque.
    From my understanding, it stems from the type 9 (as we know it) being at the crown of the Enneagram because 9's passion (of acedia/sloth) is fundamental, and is the background of all other passions. From there, since each type is a mixture of its wing points, 8 and 1 have to be adjacent to 9, and from that 2 to 1, 7 to 8, and so forth. That still leaves two arrangements, depending on where you put 1 and 8. Fairly arbitrary at that point, but I think the idea is that 5-6-7-8 comparatively follow a "left-handed" path whereas 1-2-3-4 comparatively a "right-handed."

    Aside from the last point I've elaborated on all of the above, plus why the symbol is designed as it is, here: Discussion of the Symbol: the Triangle, the Hexad, and the Circle

    Quote Originally Posted by LeaT View Post
    This sums up my thoughts exactly when it comes to the critique against the integration/disintegration points:
    We do not develop in the Direction of Integration by imitating the personality traits of that type. That is, a Six will not integrate by trying to imitate a Nine. That would just be the personality up to some new tricks. However, as we work on the issues of our own type with awareness, and the defenses of our personality begin to loosen, the Direction of Integration indicates healthy qualities that will begin to manifest in our attitudes and behaviors. For instance, When a Six starts to explore the roots of his fears and anxieties, he naturally will begin to open to the serenity and openness of a healthy Nine. As an Eight lets down her guard and allows herself to experience her vulnerability, she will naturally begin to feel her empathy and affection for others like a healthy Two. Unfortunately, this issue has led to quite a lot of confusion and misinterpretation in Enneagram circles.
    Yeah, all of this, including the emphasis by bolding. I think people don't understand what all's meant by integration/disintegration. Perhaps this is the fault of R&H's way of putting it in the past, but regardless, there's misunderstanding.

    For the record I still hold to the view I laid out in my maths of the Enneagram thread. I've just been trying to pull good arguments against it out of the woodwork.

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    Enneagram does not seem to allow enough space for changes in mental health levels, growth and so on.

    Healthy individuals are not necessarily as stereotypical examples of their type and also unhealthy individuals might seem to be something else than they are.
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    The function on levels of health is annoying...why refer to it as being "healthy" when you can refer to it as being happy. Personal happiness is more important than what some experts say is healthy.

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    I didn't exactly "fit in" in high school. I think 3s are supposed to have done that.

    The rock-paper-scissors thing that integration/disintegration points have doesn't make any damned sense, no.

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    I relate more to the 5w6 description than any MBTI type or DSMV disorder.

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    The idea that your instinct stacking stays the same your whole life and that you have a very obvious blindspot. I think different instincts become more pronounced at different times of life depending on the circumstance and need and you learn to balance these out as you age. (I think the manifestation of the instincts is fairly type-specific, however; in other words, a five will be under the social haze in a social five way, etc.)

    I also think that as you get older and ideally more integrated you become a less obvious core type which can make typing problematic and, to an extent, a moot point.

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