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Thread: Journaling

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    Default Journaling

    Do you journal? Why/why not? What's your style, and what do you think is worth and not worth recording? Would you want anybody to read it? How does it relate to your personality, typed or not?

    If you know your type, put it in your response!
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    I journaled every night for about 10-12 years, but I fell out of the habit. I'd like to get back in the habit, but it's hard to pick up again! I journal maybe a couple of times a month now. I write about things I'd like to process (especially things I don't feel comfortable telling anyone yet, or things that people have told me in confidence) and also things I'd like to remember. I definitely wouldn't want anyone to read it, but I'd be less upset if someone read my journals from years ago than if they read my contemporary journal. I think this is because past journals deal with issues I've already dealt with, and current journals contain current issues, which are still fresh and vulnerable!

    EDIT: As for type, I identify about equally with 8, 7, and 5.
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    I journal but sort of erratically. Stream of consciousness style. I don't really describe events of things that happened. Just process my thoughts. It would probably not make a lot of sense to other people.

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    I tried it off and on when I was a teen but then quit when I knew I couldn't go back and read my earlier entries without feeling embarrassed over what I wrote. Plus I was afraid that someone would see what I what wrote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Webslinger View Post
    Do you journal? Why/why not? What's your style, and what do you think is worth and not worth recording? Would you want anybody to read it? How does it relate to your personality, typed or not?

    If you know your type, put it in your response!
    I never journal, I have troubles to update and use calendars and jeez, those I really need! I once tried to journal but I found it so dull that I never continued. In theory I'd like to journal though, it would be very cool and exciting to read all it afterwards! I have a very poor recall for my own life and its events so it could be really convenient and work as my storage memory
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    I tried to journal in the past but I am way too paranoid and nervous that others will somehow find it and read my innermost thoughts so I can never write honestly and just quit.

    I am a head type without any 7... that's for sure (with a smidge of counter-phobicness).

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    No. It feels like a chore. Hell, I barely update my blog on here even when I have something important or interesting to say.

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    I do it when I have to track something in my life, e.g. when manic/depression or migraine patterns arise; or when I'm starting something new like an exercise program.

    I've tried doing it for its own sake and, yeah, it started to feel like homework.

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    I sometimes write lists of tasks, swap around words trying to form concrete sayings, flow charts, ven diagrams, and translate/disassemble words, quotes, facts, and really long rants. I usually type it up in a basic text editor and save it. Its encrypted onto a flash drive and cloud storage for safe keeping. Often times I just scribble on napkins when the thoughts hit me like words to look into or topics of interest.

    I am not sure anyone else would understand it especially since most of it is discarded options and hypothetical things never meant to be. Sure there are the occasional flirts and erotic puns, but nothing flashy.
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    Yeah, I journal. I have a handwritten journal series that I started in 2007, so I've been doing it for six years. Two books are full, the third's almost full.

    As of two years ago, I've also been keeping an online journal at a relatively underground website. I pick and choose which entries I make public. (Typing's just quicker than writing by hand, and it's especially efficient for organizing thoughts into elegant prose.)

    I love to write. I love thinking about the new cities I visit and the new people I meet, and for whatever reason, I'm apparently compelled to regurgitate everything I see. I have to swirl an experience around in my head and then vomit it back onto paper whether for my own purposes or to share with someone else. Photography functions well here, too.

    Maybe nostalgia plays a role, but it's more along the lines of feeling so extremely excited and inspired that I have to do something about it. I have to express the pleasure that an experience has given me.

    I've written about unpleasant moods, too. It's good for catharsis.

    There are a few people who read what I write. Somebody chanced upon my online journal's public entries and commented that he was sucked into them and lost track of time. I thought that was an incredible compliment - to have other people sharing in my experiences and being entertained by them. I've also been told that I write very well, so maybe I could organize my entries into a cohesive book eventually. Who knows?

    I feel pretty comfortable with it. It helps that I'm anonymous and avoid using names. The most personal entries tend to get filed a little farther away from prying eyes, anyway, just in case.

    I like to journal about my adventures, my wild nights, my job, and the weird relationships between myself and the key players in my life. I tend to write in the present tense when something feels especially important; it makes the story seem more immediate and visceral, I think. It's very first-person perspective in that moment, so if I was drunk when the event happened, I'll write as though I were drunk (word choices, I mean - my grammar's always as neat as I can make it).

    My enneatype is probably 7w6. I think my journals correlate, particularly the subject matter.

    Anyway. I really enjoy writing.

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