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Hmm... Good point.

I'm wondering what the disparity is though, between myself and an ENTJ 8. I feel like I can become the alpha male whenever I want to, but it takes way too much effort to maintain a group of people around me all the time. When I think about some ESTJ 8's, I don't see them having avid followers either. They just sorta bark orders and live in their own little world while the ENTJ's seem to almost always have this cloud of people around them all the time.
I had doubts at one point as to whether I was an cp 6w5 or an 8w9, but ultimately settled on 8. I think my uncertainty was caused by the fact that while I have a fairly dominant personality I don't feel any particular need to control others. What's important to me first and foremost is my personal autonomy, especially in the sense of being able to effect whatever vision I might have at the time.

As andante pointed out, needing to have a bunch of people around all the time is really a 6 thing rather than an ENTJ thing. My natural inclination is fairly solitary, and while I can lead it's usually because I've got the best idea on how to accomplish something and people want to be apart of that. I don't really seek them out.

I'd imagine that you and I as sx-first 8s probably share a lot of ideas in terms of what's important, but probably differ a lot in terms of how we approach it because of our respective MBTI types. Comparing yourself to an ENTJ 6 is really gonna be apples to or