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    Default Maybe a stupid question

    but please be patient.
    What is the difference in an INFJ 9 and INFJ 4?
    On the online tests, I got a 4, with 9 slightly behind it and 6 was next in the line-up. The INFJ was determined through a personality type facilitator at my work...and a shrink a long time ago. And me.

    I read in another thread that those 3 types are ISFPish. I think ISFPs are "the bomb"...and am usually impressed by the ISFPs that I know.

    Maybe I'm ISFP?! Yay!

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    Nines are more isfp'ish, fours are more infp'ish.

    Maybe. I'm just kinda making this up.

    If you didn't see in a different thread - INFJ's, with maturity, seemingly become ISTPish. Just an FYI.

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    4's are kinda like shirley manson from garbage. Sometimes they're kinda masochistic.

    9's are kinda like... Idunno, not that intense. Kinda lame. Like to talk about dumb shit that sucks mostly.

    I hope that helped.

    INFJ 4

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    if I were you, I would just research the differences between 9s and 4s. Adding the INFJ factor just makes it more complicated.

    I debated whether I was a 4 or 9, too. (Definitely a 9.) I asked about the differences in this thread

    a couple other things I've heard/noticed:
    - 4s tend to be more image-oriented ("cultivating" a self), while 9s are more concerned with maintaining a felt sense of self.
    - 9s tend to have the most trouble typing themselves, because they may feel as though they relate to all types
    - 9s are more likely to value a sense of belonging, while 4s are more likely to value uniqueness

    I'm not saying that 6 isn't a possibility, I just don't know enough about the type to comment on it.

    edit: the fact that your 3rd result was 6 might be telling; 9s resemble 6s when stressed.

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