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    Oct 2013
    3w2 so/sp


    Dad: ESTJ 1w2 sp/so
    Mom: INFJ 9w1 sx/so
    Brother (19): INFP 9w1 so/sx
    Brother (17): INTJ 5w6 sp/sx

    My dad and I are definitely the most similar type wise, but we agree on almost nothing. He's about as typical of an SJ Te user as they come.
    Friends, waffles, work

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    3w2 6w7 1w2

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    5 sx


    I responded earlier in the year but most of my typings were way off

    me: 4w5 sp/so, 461
    my mom: 2w1 so, 269
    my dad: 1w2 so/sp, 163
    my brother: 7w6, 782

    I do think my tritype is influenced by my parents, both of them being superego types.

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    Mom - esfp 7w? Probably so/sx
    Dad - estj 8w7
    Sis - estp 6w7 counterphobic
    Grandma - istj 6w5

    Yes i am from an extroverted yet reserved family which makes me think they all have sp in the top two. However my sis and my mom are extremely impulsive (esp mom) with money compared to me and my dad. Does being terrible with money mean the lack of sp?

    Also unlike most of you americans i don't have step moms, dads or siblings.

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    5w4 sx/sp
    SLI None


    immediate family
    dad: 9w1>5w6>2w1 Sp/So
    mom: 2w1>6w7>8w7 Sp/So
    brother: 9w8>6w?>2w3 So/Sx
    me: 7w6>1w9>4w3 Sx/Sp

    6w7>2w3>9w1 So/Sx
    6w7/2w1>1w9 Sp/So
    9w1>5w6?>3w4 Sp/Sx
    *8w7>3w4>?w? Sp/Sx
    2w3>7w6>9w8 So/Sx
    6w7>2w3>9w8? So/Sx

    1w9>3w4>5w6 Sp/So
    9w8>2w3>7w6 So/Sx
    *7w6>2w3>9w8 So/??
    *8w7>3w4>6w5 Sp/Sx
    3w2>?w?>7? Sp/So
    3w2>6w7>9w1 Sp/So

    grandpa: no idea

    *not completely sure
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    5w4>1w9>2w1 Sx/Sp
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    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
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    Male Archtype: King/Lover
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    4w5 so/sp


    Dad: 9w8 So/Sp
    Mum: 6w5 Sp/Sx
    Sister: 1w2 Sx/Sp
    Me: 4w5 So/Sp

    We manage to cover a lot of the spectrum. Interestingly, Sp is very much a feature - not sure why.
    INFP 4w5 so/sp

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    they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.

    - Emily Bronte

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    I am
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    Mom: 1w9 sp/sx
    Granddad: 1w2 sp/so
    Grandmom: 9w1 sx/sp
    "I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I'm writing a poem or drawing, I'm not a female; I'm an artist." - Patti Smith

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    I can tell you that on my mother's side, 1, 4, 5, and 9 all seem to be prevalent, either as core types or as apparent fixes. Literally everyone is an SJ or an NP--no Ni/Se at all, whatsoever.

    On my father's side, there's lots of 6, 7, and 8 as near as I can tell (am less familiar with them). My dad's an ENTP.

    I sort of came out somewhere in the middle, and I guess my being Ne/Si was more or less inevitable.

    My sense is that this stuff basically DOES run in families, since you get spates of people in certain areas--but before ruling on that, it would be helpful to know what mechanism controls enneatype, and to what degree this is inherited.

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    729 sx/sp
    IEE Ne


    hmm... just some cursory guesses:

    Dad: 6w7, 3w2, 1w9

    Mom: 2w1, 1w9, 6w7

    Middle sis: 1w2, 3w2, 6w5

    Baby sis: 8w9, 2w1, 6w5
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    Blood of the Exile
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    Mar 2013
    Kali None


    Mom: 1w9-6w5-2w3 Sp/?? ISFJ
    Dad: 7w8-8w7-3w4 Sx/Sp ENTP
    Brother: 6w5-1w9-2w1 So/Sp ISFJ
    Me: 4w3-7w6-8w7 Sx/Sp ENFP

    Sorry, I answered this a while ago but since then I have researched enneagram much more thoroughly so this is my corrected list. I'm sure of my dad's tritype & mbti. My mother might be an ESFJ and her heart fix might be 3w2. My Brother's gut-fix might be 9w8 and he might be an ISTJ. I am vaguely considering 7w6 core and INFP, but I'm certain of my tritype and first two functions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by small.wonder View Post

    Regarding your wing questioning: I can see your point, but don't you also think those environmental factors might just have played a part in how you developed a 5 wing?
    Yes, it's possible. I have a hard time believing I could have a three wing (it and eight are always my two lowest test scores), but I also feel like I dismissed it without giving it much of a look. But I also don't think wings are nearly as important as your core type, and I also think you feel the influence of both, so in a way it can seem like the wing thing really doesn't matter to me.

    It's interesting how tritype really seems to work for some people, to produce the lightbulb. I don't get the lightbulb feeling from tritype; more like a disco ball. In many ways I feel like discovering type four is the only thing that's really mattered for me, as far as enneagram goes. (Although I also relate heavily to the sx/sp archetype.)

    @OrangeAppled, I also come from a bookish/cultured/idealistic/ non-earthy family. It's weird, though, because my parents always encouraged private investigation and learning but it was always with the aim to confirm their Catholic morals. When my conclusions differed the response would be, "You're wrong." It really caused me to withdraw and distance myself from my parents. At the same time, though, they've always been supportive of liberal arts education/ impracticality/ creative fields, so I have to give them credit for that.

    I definitely never got criticized for being cold. I was scolded for feeling rather than thinking, and was always reprimanded if I didn't keep my passions in check. It always felt like if I got too externally passionate about anything my parents would turn and look the other way until I stopped, until we could return to more civil discourse.

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