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    Default Planets and Enneagram Types

    I've been researching the correlation between planets and enneagram types lately, and there seems to be a lot of disagreement. As there are 9 planets (including the sun and moon and discounting Earth) and 9 enneagram types, each type is ruled by a planet. I've viewed numerous charts and explanations for this and have decided to make my own.

    1. Reformer - Jupiter

    Enneagram type 1 is the highest of the 3 survival or "gut" types in terms of chakra energy. This highest form of survival is related to Jupiter being the planet of money and wordly wisdom in astrology, as in "surviving in the structure of the world." The vice of type 1 is anger, which correlates to Jupiter being the planet of benevolence/anger in Chinese astrology. This type is the stage of beginning expansion, like a seed sprouting.

    2. Helper - Sun

    Type 2 is the lowest of the 3 heart or "contemplation" types in terms of chakra energy. When the archetypal type 1 achieves enough security, it then can transition into type 2 and begin to contemplate the meaning of the security as it grows. The sun is the "planet" of will and masculine growth.

    3. Achiever - Moon

    This type is the intermediate of the 3 heart types. Type 2 is life expanding in the security of type 1. Type 3 reflects on the growth of type 2 to see if what was done is authentic and in order with nature. The basic desire of this type is to feel valuable, correlating with feeling that the growth/work done in type 2 has natural value.

    4. Individualist - Uranus

    Type 4 is the highest of the 3 heart types. Type 4 regards the emotional reactions of type 3 and proceeds to contemplate how the feelings produced/uncovered fit in with the natural order of things. Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius in astrology, a sign indicating individuality and genius. In the "stage" of type 4, each organism or entity begins to assert its own perspective on emotion into the higher philosophy of life.

    5. Investigator - Mercury

    Type 5 is the lowest of the 3 head or "fear" types in terms of chakra energy. In astrology, Mercury is the planet of intellect and communication. This type represents the point at which an entity can compare its own emotional/intellectual experiences to those of others and communicate with others about these experiences.

    6. Loyalist - Neptune

    This type is the intermediate of the 3 head types. In astrology, Neptune is the planet of inspiration and religion. As different experiences are communicated in type 5 and as ideals or what "should be" are considered, the experiences mold together as an inspiration in various religions and other conglomerations.

    7. Enthusiast - Saturn

    Type 7 is the highest of the 3 head types. In astrology, Saturn is the planet of discipline and advancement. The holy idea of type 7 is planning. As the religious beliefs and other beliefs which were formed in type 6 take root, there is a movement towards including them in everyday life. The common beliefs which have been conglomerated in type 6 naturally become prevalent and form a societal structure. I believe that Saturn correlates with the third eye chakra and is the highest planetary chakra as no planet is associated with the crown chakra.

    8. Challenger - Mars

    Type 8 is the lowest of all the types in terms of chakra energy and represents the root chakra and the lowest of the 3 gut types. The basic desire of type 8 is self-protection; in astrology, Mars is the planet of war. As different belief structures form different societies/cultures in types 6 and 7, arguments eventually arise between groups and war abounds. Mars represents using the group cohesiveness of Saturn/type 7 to form coherent fighting groups to win disputes against rival groups.

    9. Peacemaker - Venus

    Type 9 is the intermediate of the 3 gut types and the highest form of societal order in the enneagram. Venus is the planet of harmony and love in astrology. As the diverse groups of type 8 learn that working together based on things they can all undoubtedly agree upon makes more sense and allows more progress than fighting, war will end and leave little or no trace. The point at which all war and conflict end provides the archetypal secure basis for the growth which occurs in type 1.

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    Hello! I love this post and the topic in general. I'm actually very into numerology and astrology, however it's harder relating the enneagram, only because of the fact that the numbers mean something a little different (in some areas) in numerology. When it comes to numerology, it goes like this:

    Sun- 1
    Moon- 2
    Jupiter- 3
    Uranus- 4
    Mercury- 5
    Venus- 6
    Neptune- 7
    Saturn- 8
    Mars- 9

    As far as the enneagram goes, I think you've done it very well. I love to make connections between things like this, but unfortunately the enneagram does work differently as far as meaning goes Well done.

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