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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    - we aren't intelligent or intellectual
    This isn't something I've noticed people think about 7s. On the contrary, I thought they often were seen as very intellectually avid, possessing at least a small degree of knowledge on a plethora of topics (the challenge though is to go more in depth - integration to 5 and all that) and very quick and witty in conversation. Is the party animal stereotype really that widespread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilku View Post
    thats cause ID enneas(7,8,3) withdraw from being their true active selves and tend to appear arrogoant doing so when disintegrating, people want you to be your true uninhibited self. So yeah, its just they know theres a problem with you but dont know what else to do than point it out in hopes youd figure solution yourself. You just have to find out how to show them some positivity with your wing 7 side.
    Hmm, that's really interesting that you confirmed a theory I once had. People can SEE disintegration and feel there is something wrong even though they may not know what specifically. I like that. My true uninhibited self is loud, obnoxious and crude. I often feel like I'm not allowed to be that way in public very often.

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