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    Default To those with 7 in their triads

    ok.. So we all know 7 are in flight from internal pains, always.
    I have that problem.
    As child it started during age 8 in the form of video game addiction which lasted to 16, but it only changes form. Cant get rid of it, im always escaping the pains i hold within. Oh and if you wonder what it became after that time to this day. Well, err.. Psychology addiction. Which is how i spent past few years, and now im rather certain i have 7 in my triad who to blame.

    But has anyone found a way to cope with it?

    I find myself in a thought whirlwind just from _trying_ to feel feelings from music, creating all kinds of theories what would explain why i feel what i feel. But i suspect its 7w8 i carry, cause when, after huge effort which took two years to figure, that, i stop being so damn serious over these matters, that i allow myself to be silly, only then im able to get into a stream of feelings. It seems to be the key of integration for me.

    It was from wondering why i become so silly whenever im emotionally healthy that i figured it would perfectly match sevens wing six side.

    Anyone else have findings on this matter?

    Next question: what is it we fly from? For me.. Hm.. Deep seated feeling of loneliness, as in lack of intimacy. And some form of resentment at life for being so shijt to me.
    And then a ridiculous one: im death afraid of positive feelings. Why? Om, obviously they are the scariest! Wellh, im afraid of getting into stupid repetition loops(only later realizing how much ive wasted time for something useless) by following positive feelings, and im afraid of losing a vantage point from which to observe life safely from.

    Ok, now your turn.
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    healthiness is all about appreciating other peoples inferior function. its like the sore spot no one ever notices, but we desperately wish they did, and if you focus on doing that, youll have many friends. and also learn to appreciate your own inferior function, others wont find it stupid if you show them how cool it is.

    INTJ 4w3 Sp Sx. (i dont believe in tritype. i do believe in learning traits from others.)

    mistakes happen. expect them, and grow from them. look for them, and avoid them.

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    Sounds about right. I think I'm generally trying to escape from negativity, which is definitely a 7 thing. I try so hard to always be positive, I push unpleasant thoughts to the back of my mind. I fear my life is meaningless so I try and fill the void with stimulation and activity (including learning, theorizing, and discussion as well as more hedonistic behaviors.).
    7w6 3w2 9w8 so/sx

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