anyone else grow up with a 6 parent(s)?

my mom is a 6w7-1w9-4w3 ESFP SP/SO.

the main thing that comes to mind when I think about her in general is that she wanted us to have the same kind of "you can tell me anything... ANYTHING..." relationship that she had with her dad. I didn't really mind to an extent, but sometimes it got annoying. I don't know if this was me being a 5 or not, but there was some stuff (ok a lot of stuff) i DID NOT want to talk about with parents. Other than that though, watching tv together was/is pretty much our thing.

something else I remember, during the summer, i honestly didn't mind the heat at all, but the way she complained you'd think her skin was melting. She always wanted the loud air conditioner on, and I hated that think because it interfered with my music -.- and my train of thought sometimes too.

learning to drive was fun.

"hey, the guy in front of you has his turn signal on. do you see it? do you see it? it mean's he'll be turning, you should probably slow down. do you see the turn signal?"

"no mom, i don't see it, i'm blind, remember? the only reason I have a permit is because someone in the DMV screwed up their paperwork"

any of you guys want to share?