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    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety View Post
    To be fair I dont like 6's either.
    you're a six who doesn't like sixes? XD

    I like good Sixes. I dislike bad Sixes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Riso was, like, "The man" to me when I first started reading about Enneagram. His stuff was pretty foundational to me, especially the cycles of integration and disintegration; it was a nice blend of the spiritual with the secular. There was a lot of what I would deem "crap" floating around about the enneagram before then; I think he seriously systemized the theory and put out the first very detailed, cohesive descriptions of how the types worked, along with wings and variants. I started taking it seriously because of his work.

    He put out a number of enneagram texts; I know I own 2-3 of the major ones.

    It's a shame he has passed on. he was younger than my father, who is still around.

    From a distance, he actually held his age pretty well:

    EDIT: As a complete side note, no one ever told me that Russ Hudson was cute.

    @Jennifer All of us 5w4s are cute!

    But I'm not posting this because of that comment. Today is the 2nd anniversary of Riso's passing away from cancer.
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