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    My list was just something I did as an example, something to think about perhaps. It wasn't intended for serious answering.

    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    -Escape into fantasies - if so, are they usually pleasant/unpleasant? yes, usually unpleasant
    This struck me as a bit odd though. If you are an e9, a type known for desiring inner peace, why would these be unpleasant fantasies? What purpose does that serve? I see an e4 doing this to intensify feelings, and since somewhere along the line they've equated sad/negative things to depth. They also fear dullness and plainness, so it makes sense for them to intensify feelings using imaginations, especially the unpleasant - cuz it more "real." /cheez

    But for a 9, this runs contrary to what I've come to expect. If you cannot have any say over the chaos of the outer world, wouldn't it make sense to escape towards a pleasant inner world to compensate? Is it because you lack a voice in the real world? So through imagination, the unpleasant, it's a way of voicing and having control over situations that you otherwise would not have IRL.

    I dunno, I'll stop now. This amateur is starting to sound like Sigmund Fraud.

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    Not to be a thread necrophilliac, but I'm curious to know, what do you think your type is now?
    I'm a INFP - The sociopath

    I think I'm either a 4w5, 4w3, 6w5 or 9w1. Most possibly 4w5.

    Feeling FiNe

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