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    Default Enneagram Type by Centre of Two Relevant Wings?

    I'm sure this has been discussed before in other threads but I thought I'd start my own anyway just in case.

    Earlier this week I did one of the Enneagram questionnaires and was judged to be a 4w5. This shook me to the core because, as an MB INtP, I fully expected to be a 5. Yet 4w5 made a great deal of sense when reading the type description for a 4.

    This evening I thought I'd read thoroughly all the descriptions from 3 to 6. It is quite clear to me that I have virtually nothing in common with a 3. If I'm a true 4 then my wing has to be a 5. However I identified pretty closely with a number of facets of the Skeptic, the 6.

    Question. Given that I identify strongly with all of 4-6 does that mean I'm really a 5 after all? I'm inclined to say "yes".
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    Wich test did you take?

    I have some similarities, I take the enneagram test years ago, and I am 5w4. No doubt with that, until I see the score in the other grow-stress relations. My cousin take the same quiz, and is a 4w5, a very clever one, some kind of dark and funny psicopatic sense of humour (some of 7). When I take that test, I had more 7 than 8, more 4 than any other, and 6 behind 7. I guess the wings could change in some life periods. If my cousin was 4w5, and had more 6 than 7, and I guess he's INTP (NT sure, not sure about P or J), that will be so close. He would be so skpetic about all this, but doing some test anyway.
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